I’m hoping the remix package includes the single remix of Masquerade Radio 2 played and an extended of it as well as remixes of Running With The Night
This is a pleasant surprise! It’s my second favorite off the album. I hope we’re gonna get a video.

It’s already pretty short though, so does this mean it’ll get beefed up production?
I love Running With The Night, the production is electric. My favourite song on the album!

We have had no extended mixes from this period from Ian Masterson, has he not done any or are they saving them. Actually very little remixes at all except the one?

..and by the looks of it, remixes of Running With The Night will happen according to a reply on Twitter

I would love a b-side, specifically Summer Night City studio version which Keren says is great and has amazing vocal production.

Best single cover from this era. Matches the song.

I'm counting favourite as a single so it's 4 as far as I'm concerned!

Buzz tracks / singles are hard to distinguish in this digital age and are often just the album version. Most of the time you don't even get a different cover. Favourite was released as a buzz track (album version) and then as a remix single. Then Masquerade was the first official single but sadly was only the album version. Both Favourite Shanghai Remix and Masquerade have edits but both were never released commercially.

Most fans will not buy a so called single if it is simply the album version which they already own on the various versions of the album. The industry is in such a mess. Record companies have not got a clue.

I wish record companies would release digital single bundles instead even if they are only 2 tracks like the 2 track CD singles common in Europe back in the day.

I have just listened to the preview of Running With The Night on iTunes Australia and I cannot really here anything different. It is shorter and is only 3.12.
Sorry to be a downer but yikes, this is pointless. Unless we’re getting a video, The plus side is that hopefully this means it will get heavy rotation on radio 2. Did Forever Young help shift any copies of the album or did the album essentially peak in its first week? If anyone knows that would be great.

I don’t see why Ian Masterson can’t provide any remixes to this. Running With The Night in particular would suit a late 90’s Trouser Enthusiasts style remix