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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I'd love an Initial Talk remix of Running With The Night with a retro 80s sound.
  2. I’m hoping the remix package includes the single remix of Masquerade Radio 2 played and an extended of it as well as remixes of Running With The Night
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  3. This is a pleasant surprise! It’s my second favorite off the album. I hope we’re gonna get a video.

    It’s already pretty short though, so does this mean it’ll get beefed up production?
  4. My favourite track from the album, but feels too short. Would love a huge extended version.
  5. I love "Running with the night". They definitely picked the correct choices for singles in my opinion.
    I was quite surprised that we are getting a third single.
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  6. First album campaign in 27 years to not end with the second single! The radio edit of Looking For Someone really elevated it so I’m sure the radio edit for Running With the Night will do the same, though it is already a 10/10.
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  7. I hope they fix the abrupt ending on "Running with the Night"
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  8. I love Running With The Night, the production is electric. My favourite song on the album!

    We have had no extended mixes from this period from Ian Masterson, has he not done any or are they saving them. Actually very little remixes at all except the one?

    I would love a b-side, specifically Summer Night City studio version which Keren says is great and has amazing vocal production.

    Best single cover from this era. Matches the song.

  9. Glad to see they are going for a 3rd single for this. Two many albums/era's end abruptly these days. And just LOVE that single artwork too!!
  10. i love the single artwork. Better than the album i must say.

    I do hope we get remixes and or a b side. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  11. It is wonderful the Masquerade campaign is continuing with a third single. I would love to see the Masquerade era include a remix EP or album and including all the radio edits.
  12. That is so much nicer than the album cover. Hoping for an extended mix and for their cover of Summer Night City to get an official release.
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  13. I too like mentioned before on here, hope for an 80s style remix for sure.
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  14. I'm counting favourite as a single so it's 4 as far as I'm concerned!
  15. judging by a screen grab someone posted on instagram it’s simply a radio edit. no mixes
  16. Buzz tracks / singles are hard to distinguish in this digital age and are often just the album version. Most of the time you don't even get a different cover. Favourite was released as a buzz track (album version) and then as a remix single. Then Masquerade was the first official single but sadly was only the album version. Both Favourite Shanghai Remix and Masquerade have edits but both were never released commercially.

    Most fans will not buy a so called single if it is simply the album version which they already own on the various versions of the album. The industry is in such a mess. Record companies have not got a clue.

    I wish record companies would release digital single bundles instead even if they are only 2 tracks like the 2 track CD singles common in Europe back in the day.

    I have just listened to the preview of Running With The Night on iTunes Australia and I cannot really here anything different. It is shorter and is only 3.12.
  17. From what I could tell when I listened, the only major difference is a shorter intro.
  18. It didn't even need a radio edit. I prefer the album version. I'm not sure what the point of releasing singles is for them with no b-sides,video clips or remixes, unless they are saving them.
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  19. Should’ve been slightly extended and with a heavier bass.
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