Looking at random old LPs on Discogs, this 1984 release seems familiar!


“Inspired”, brilliant. The word you’re looking for is “plagiarised”.
The little poof in me at age 11 was always a bit disappointed that guy on the right had trousers on. I needed to imagine them naked.

This massive poof at age 46 just needs to see the ass on that Dinarama guy.

The ass of this model (not a Dinarama member) is not showed but a promo edition of this album (one of the best of the Spanish pop albums) shows his torso too.

Another male models and the Alaska y Dinarama members appears in the pictures of this single, "Un hombre de verdad", taken from Deseo Carnal.
I don't really consider Trick of the Night a Halloween song, but walking the wet Toronto streets, with the leaves falling and changing colour and trick or treaters out and about, somehow the moody and atmospheric pop of Trick of the Night is both fitting and cozy on this Halloween night here in Toronto.

I have the Balearacidic Mix of "Love, Truth & Honesty" on my Halloween playlist as it just feels so spooky.