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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Streaming uploads dd
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  2. Rob


    I didn't even realise London Records still existed.
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  3. Yes as an online music stream company it does. They also released All Saints Red Flag album a few years back.
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  4. They are the owners of a lot of ex-London Records catalogue after Warners had to divest some of their stuff (presumably as a result of one of the merger/takeovers that have happened).
    Because Music bought Warner Music 90 which contained most of the London Records stuff - and at some point clearly also licensed or bought the London trademark.
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  5. Yes, however that “London Records” was a vanity label via Universal I believe, as they at the time had the rights to the name and trademark… it’s all incredibly confusing.

    Interesting it says “Dannii Minogue” for coming soon in 2023… I guess they perhaps also took the rights to the Girl album from Warner Music UK and that’s why there is a delay in the UK reissue and explains what Dannii meant by the UK release being owned by a different label.

    Bananarama could potentially be an updated singles collection… 40 years of Bananarama?
  6. Maybe this is common knowledge, but it was new to me until today:

    The fist line of the verse is exactly... well, judge for yourselves:

  7. Never heard of this song before but it slaps.

    And I hope Bananarama paid her (they def didn’t ).
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  8. I did some digging after I heard it in a version by Shirley Bassey this afternoon, on her 1979 album The Magic Is You. The original, instrumental version is heard on the opening credits of 1975 film Night Moves, a year later the song got lyrics and was recorded by one of the writers, in 1978 Dee Dee recorded a more boppy version of it, and Shirley recorded the slower version in 1979. The actual title is Night Moves and NOT Night Movies
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  10. Just criminal now this song flopped all round in general.
  11. I always loved Don't Throw It All Away by the ladies and SAW from the early Pop Life sessions but the leaked demo is so rough... and poor quality I don't listen often. So I tried to reimagine the track based on early 90s dance sounds - referencing Shocked (DNA Mix) by Kylie that transformed that track into a single friendly remix. I hope you like what I have created here as if the Rams had released it in 1990/1991 as a single influenced by the sounds of the time! (apologies some of the vocals a little rough due to demo quality/poor audio source / PS it also took forever to try and sync the vocals to the music as the timings were wayyy off the beat on the demo).
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  12. Really hope that we hear about this second album that Keren referred to soon.
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  13. Criminal this version has never been released:

  14. Apparently it can't be found in the vaults. :-(
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  15. It’s interesting that the original version in the In A Bunch box set is not this version.
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  16. This version surprisingly works with the rest of the singles even if it’s a bit limp. “Do Not Disturb” proper sounds a bit out of place with the other three.
  17. I'll never understand why they hate Do not disturb. Yeah, it's not up with the classics but it's still a great single.
  18. They also looked great during the promo for this
  19. I think they must have felt a bit behind with the Jolley/ Swain sound at this point.
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