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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Do Not Disturb was begging for the PWL remix treatment. Shame it didn’t come after Venus
  2. Imagining their faces being told it was being re-released with a PLW remix!
  3. Sakgra did a retro version of Do Not Disturb with a SAW sound. It’s on YouTube
  4. Wait…

    Wig. This should’ve gotten the SAW remix over “Trick”, which I know has its fans but is just awful and destroys the song for me. The original is sublime and the added synth from the US single mix is a cherry on top.
  5. Yes most Definitely. Trick should have always been left as it was. But a remix of Do Not Disturb like Sakgra’s would have been terrific.
  6. Back when there was the BananaramaUK website, the Webmaster Lee used to make mixes of songs and he did this wonderful mix ...

    Do Not Disturb (BUK Mix)

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  7. "More surprises coming next year" (Keren).

    So good to know there's more Bananarama to look forward to.
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  8. You can download the latest issue of the Pop Life Fanzine here ...

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  9. Just a couple of tidbits I found (accidentally) this morning in an interview with Sex Pistol's Paul Cook ... could you imagine them doing "Don't Touch Me Down There, Daddy"?


    You helped Bananarama record their 1981 debut single, ‘Aie a Mwana’, and acted as a producer on their first album, 1983’s ‘Deep Sea Skiving’. But what is the name of the song that Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren wanted them to record?
    Now we’re talking! Was it something a bit sexual like ‘Don’t Touch Me Down There, Daddy’?”

    CORRECT. Unsurprisingly, they turned down his suggestion.

    As if they were going to do that! That’s so Malcolm! I didn’t realise he was going to try to get involved with them, but they rejected him straight away. But they took the right course, didn’t they? They recorded a cover of [Black Blood’s] ‘Aie a Mwana’, which I helped produce, and got a recording contract off the back of that, and now hold the record for the most singles to chart by a girl group ever. We used to hang out in the same clubs and they didn’t have anywhere to live, so we invited them to move into the Sex Pistols’ old rehearsal room in Demark Street, London. When [Cook and Jones’ post-Sex Pistols band] The Professionals would be rehearsing downstairs, they’d come and do some backing vocals. Pretty wild times!”

    What did the rest of the Sex Pistols think of Bananarama’s cover of ‘No Feelings’?

    “I don’t think they heard it. That was recorded for the soundtrack of a film called Party Party, and it was a quirky, weird, mad-sounding version.”
  10. I have vague recollection of one of them singing a bit of the chorus on some interview but that could’ve been a fever dream. It was weird.
  11. This had me cracking up, especially "blue & tangy"

  12. Loved their Mrs & Mrs - these 2 really should have their own tv show they are so funny!

    On another note my last remix before Xmas (I think)... I went back to Favourite as I wasn't too happy with my last attempt so had another go to bring it to the dancefloor. I quite like the feel of what I have done... A slightly faster BPM for this mix of 120 which doesn't affect the vocals at all thankfully.

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  13. Yes, I think it might have been in an early 2000s Smash Hits documentary on girl groups. From memory, it was Siobhan who mentioned it and sang the title. I've got the footage somewhere, though it's probably already on YouTube.
  14. They definitely mentioned it in the BBC’s Young Guns documentary. The three of them cackling about it in a pub, saying “I’m not singing that in front of my mother!”
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  16. I'm surprised they haven't released a new greatest hits collection on vinyl. Even a budget release? I've had to buy an old copy from eBay!
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  17. I agree, that seems like an obvious release surely?
  18. They might want the limited colored studio album vinyls to sell through first. So far, on their website, only Wow is sold out.
  19. "Baby, It's Christmas" from 2010 (back?) on streaming/digital tomorrow.

    1. Baby, It's Christmas (Radio Edit) - 3:31
    2. Baby, It's Christmas (Extended Mix) - 6:38
    3. Baby, It's Christmas (Almighty Radio Edit) - 3:20
    4. Baby, It's Christmas (Almighty Club Mix) - 7:01
    5. Baby, It's Christmas (Almighty Dub) - 7:08
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  20. It was noticed that it had recently disappeared. So this is good news
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