The UK charts, as far as most people could access, was 1-75. That's what's stores stocked and was published in chart books.

It was only relatively recently that you could easily find positions 76-200.

So, anything that didn't make 75 was considered to have failed to chart in the UK.

And to be honest anything non top 40 was a flop

It certainly wasn't a hit, but technically it did chart. It's chart position has been known since the 90's.
Hate how it's just vinyl, vinyl and more vinyl these days.

For some balance, I love vinyl. But would prefer to have a digital download included. I am buying fewer CD’s unless they have done something to make it special like adding extra tracks or including a signed print or in a book format.

Sometimes it feels like record companies don’t get what fans want from physical editions. The eighties was good for collectable items with pictures discs, poster sleeves, gatefold pop-ups and such. Now the trend is for colour vinyl which I do like - but within reason.

I don’t think I need this special edition of Masquerade so soon after the release and not for the sake of remixes. If it had 6 completely new tracks and a completely different sleeve (not just a version of the original artwork), I would have more enthusiasm. I might feel differently if this didn’t cost so much too. £50 including postage is toppy. I have expectations cost wise for vinyl. Up to £23 for single vinyl and £28 for double new releases seems fair to me. Anything over is not going to make me want to buy it. I have vinyl in my basket ‘saved for later’ on Amazon that I’m waiting to be reduced for this reason.
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