Yeah, I bought the blue vinyl already and while this looks lovely I don’t play my vinyl enough to justify another £45 for remixes when there’s quite a few new releases coming up that I want to support with a purchase. Hope it makes them some coin though to encourage them to keep recording original material.
I always liked the 2000 "Exotica" backing track to I Heard A Rumour but not the robotic sounding duo vocals produced for that remake. So here is my mash up using the 1987 original mix vocals with Siobhan (not the single version) with the 2000 backing track. I think it sounds better! Enjoy listening :-)
Giving me life this Saturday afternoon:

Never a dull moment. Bananarama at their best.
Always quite stanned I Don't Care.
I love their work with SAW but do get that perhaps the 89/90 sessions were somewhat generic for them (Ain’t No Cure aside). I know what I’ve done won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but just tried to think what it could have sounded like back then with a remix (I used influences of Preacher Man backing track and also some of the Tripping remixes for inspiration)
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