This is so unnecessary but I appreciate them doing their own moody dance “cover”.

Is this the first time Exotica has been referenced? Shame they didn’t add the lyrics from ‘89 version too as well.
I thought they might have included both sets of extra lyrics. Really like this version though. Wonder what else is coming they have hinted at…..
The fabulous True Confession album has turned 37.

Four incredible singles:
Do Not Disturb
More Than Physical
A Trick of the Night - my favourite of the 4

The Number One Mix remain lush and gorgeous.

Along with Bananarama's self titled second album True Confessions sits firmly at Number 1 in my trio Nana's album list.

I have always thought True Confessions album version would have been a wonderful way to open their Original Line Up Tour. The intro and at the 1.07 minute point the girls appear.


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