I suppose you can kinda understand it to some degrees, Sara and Keren had built up Bananarama to be something huge, and when they were at their peak, they were told "No, you need another member, you're not good enough as a two". So you can see why she ended up being treated like an employee, otherwise she would have gotten all the perks of being in a huge band without any of the graft.

It wasn't like the Sugababes or Atomic Kitten who weren't really established. Though you would have thought it would have all been civil, which is a shame.
I'm back onto my Bananarama journey after a brief Kylie-related de-tour.

I went for In Stereo next and there's some proper bops on there! It's a little safe but Stuff Like That, Looking For Someone, In Stereo and On Your Own have jumped out immediately.

I've also given Viva a spin and it's not doing much for me. I generally didn't like that over-produced, maximalist electro pop from around that era, so it's not really their fault. The mellower, disco vibe of Drama suited them much better. Love Comes and Love Don't Live Here are bops, and some of the covers are solid (I enjoyed Run To You and Rapture). I had to stop and properly listen to S-S-Single Bed. Everybody thinks it's terrible, right?
S-S-Single Bed. Everybody thinks it's terrible, right?

S-S-S-Single Bed is very touch-in-cheek humor. I remember when I first heard it, I thought it was b-side material and not an album track, but over the years I've learned to like it. No, it is not the best thing they have ever done, but it is fun.

As for Viva, I like it. No, it doesn't have the strong melodies that were are Drama, but they took a chance and did something different. Also, the majority of the songs on Viva have Keren and Sara singing the verses solo, and that was fun to hear, even if auto tune was used a lot.

My favorites on Viva are: Love Comes, Rapture, The Runner, Dum Dum Boy, and We've Got The Night. I also really like Sound Of Silence, Run To You, Tokyo Joe, and Here Comes The Rain.

I also love the cover photo of Viva.

Viva is probably my favorite duorama album. It’s just so weird, feels like it takes a lot from electroclash in terms of production.

Lyrically, it’s more of a downer than Drama but still has lots of the same songs based on love and being horny. Honestly I feel like they cover the same topics and ideas on every duo album since Please Yourself so I just enjoy the music for what it is.
You’ll think Viva is the best thing ever recorded compared to Exotica. I’ve still never made it past halfway through track one, despite being a fan since the eighties.
I like it. But it's a cover that they didn't really put a Bananarama spin on and just sounds like the original more or less.
Yes! 100%
From Viva I love:

Tell Me Tomorrow
We've Got the Night
Love Don't Live Here (Ian Masterson's Extended Mix)
Here Comes the Rain
The Sound of Silence

Not so keen on the vocal production, a bit harsh at times.
You’ll think Viva is the best thing ever recorded compared to Exotica. I’ve still never made it past halfway through track one, despite being a fan since the eighties.
I’ve read so many terrible things about Exotica, I’m morbidly fascinated.

It’s not on streaming/download right, so is the only way to get the cd?
I spent a small fortune on the Exotica CD since I had to have it in my collection. I would not spend much on it if you are a casual fan, although the original tracks are OK (especially If, which is just let down by bad production/mixing).

As for Viva I absolutely love it. Love Don´t Live Here is one of my favorite Bananarama tracks ever and it´s filled with other great tracks (Love Comes, Tell Me Tomorrow, We´ve Got The Night, Rapture, Dum Dum Boy etc).