Love how camp they were in the late 80s all round. Glamourama, is by far my favourite Nana's period.

Best ever time the Nana's all looked together at once? This for me:

Siobhan is the overall winner here though.

Siobhan always just had it

I mean no disrespect to Keren and Sara but there are times when they are just like the blonde and brunette version of each other. It’s like they are the same person, particularly in the later years.

Siobhan on the other hand always had this stand out energy that I cannot explain to be honest.
This 87-88 period where their dancers for TV appearances were practically naked homoerotic muscle himbos is quite jarring when juxtaposed with the dowdy overdressed late 80s audiences.

I guess they saw it worked for Sinitta.

I wish those days would have been live vocals over backing tracks so then we could hear them laugh and mess up.

Imagine the live vocals on Wogan when they performed Nathan Jones. It would have been so funny.