Why did they remove “Supernova” from Apple Music streaming (in the US at least)? How does this make sense when it’s out on Friday nn.
This artwork was used in the Retro Pop review for Glorious, so I guess the album was originally called Supernova?

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I heard a rumour that it was originally called Supernova, not Glorious. However, the announcement of the album came out the week after the attacks in Israel where so many young people were butchered at a music festival in the desert called Supernova. Thus the name was changed. Makes sense.
Supernova would’ve made the artwork make immediate sense.

Also, I see they reuploaded the track on Apple Music US with the revised “Glorious” artwork as well. The original uploaded is still in my library, greyed out with the “Supernova” artwork.
Just heard the new recordings/mixes.

Movin’ On (Disco Chic) is fabulous, it’s like the 2012 version (that vocal) but with all the proper bits from the single version in it, love it.

Last Thing On My Mind (Electrified) is the version the performed in Henley, it’s nice but we have the Hi-NRG Mix, which does what this tries to do better. Nice to have it though.

Am a bit underwhelmed by the Initial Talk Mix of Only Your Love, hope it’s a grower.

For me, this project has been all about Feel The Love, Supernova, Cruel Summer (3am Mix), Movin’ On (Disco Chic), Masquerade (Castle Elvira Mix) and Do Not Disturb (Krystal K Mix). All great additions to a very rich back catalogue.