I'm enjoying the Initial Talk remix of Only Your Love. Nice throwback feel.

The retakes of Movin' On and Last Thing On My Mind less so... I think it's the new vocals that I'm not so keen on. Whilst the originals were sultry and soft they are now Bananarama by numbers on any recent tracks and solo in the verses I think? I much prefer their vocals in unison/harmony.
It’s an interesting compilation in the sense you really see what a strong body of work they have but then it also highlights some real misfires too. Whilst i appreciate it’s all subjective, the re-recordings of Movin On, Last Thing On My Mind are terrible. A lot of the remixes are forgettable.
And then there’s the Exotica tracks.

For me I love that the George Michael remix of Tripping On Your Love is finally available. And having the single edit of Only Your Love. Outside of that it’s a great celebration of 40 years of Bananarama and i’m happy that those who enjoy it get to enjoy it.
The new “Last Thing On My Mind” is giving version made as a bonus track for In Stereo/Masquerade. I don’t hate it (the “Movin’ On” one is pointless though), but if any two tracks should’ve been redone, it should’ve been the Exotica tracks (though I don’t think their remastering sounds that bad).

Are the Ultra Violet singles the album versions or 7" remixes?

“Take Me To Your Heart” is the album version.

“Stuff Like That” is the single version, nice.
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Has anyone received dispatch notification from Amazon for the triple LP? They shipped my 2 CD and Highlights LP on Wednesday but not the deluxe LP which seems to be out of stock.

The package from the official store just arrived and everything is GLORIOUS!
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That is a shame that 'Take me to your heart' is the album version when I'm sure more of the fans would have preferred the single version for their collection.
I don't get it but hey it sounds like there are some nice firsts available on compilation album.

I am still baffled by the 'Ultimate collection' tag though.