the tv promo cropping pics of Siobhan out is just bizarre to me. What kind of revisionism!
Maybe it was the BBC who cut out Siobhan? Very similar to the MOBO Awards cutting out Heidi in a Sugababes video montage. That caused the Sugababes thread to be shut down! hahaha

I agree about the mixes of Movin' On and Last Thing On My Mind. I like the music, but the vocals are not my fave. And I think the Initial Talk remix of Only Your Love is not great. I'm not jumping to hear it again.

It's a real shame that the boring album version of Take Me To Your Heart was used instead of the uplifting single version. I remember in 1996 when I found out it was going to be a single, I was shocked. There were so many better tracks on the album. But the single mix made me love it.

As for the Exotica tracks, Crazy has always been a stand out for me. I actually adore the Exotica version of Cruel Summer. But the track If sounds like a demo. I wish they would have had Ian tweak and restructure it. I'm not a fan of the end with the repeating of "Ain't no big deal, just do as you feel."

Also, BBC Radio 2 played radio edits of both Masquerade and Forever Young, but both radio edits were not released. It would have been nice to have them on this compilation too.

I love that they included I Could Be Persuaded. What a choon!
The book looks nice but it´s a bit like one of those books where you feel like there could have been a lot more included. There are many photos of their costumes etc and mostly small pics of the band. Most of the full page pics are arty photos of costume pieces etc but they are very nice. I have not read the text yet.

The presentation of the deluxe CD´s is lovely, each disc in it´s individual pic sleeve all together in a 12" fold out sleeve. Love the signed print!
This artwork was used in the Retro Pop review for Glorious, so I guess the album was originally called Supernova?

View attachment 51443
Here's the original "Supernova" artwork in HQ (3500x3500 pixels) if anyone wants it for anything:


Apple Music also has this sparkly animated artwork for the album:

What absolute thrill meeting Keren and Sara. They were everything and more. Sara touched my earing said she loved my jewellery and they loved my pearls.

Told them how much I adore Drama and Masquarade is my favourite album they were genuinely so grateful for the love and support. Told them Feel For You was the lost single from Drama. Also asked for another studio album.

Keren loved I did a photoshoot inspired by them both just prior to the signing.

If you get the chance to meet them do it. I literally floated out of HMV and took a moment.

Fan dreams fulfilled.


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Aww so pleased for the fans that had a great time meeting the ladies today.
They truly are fantastic and so down to earth.
They was lovely (as was Siobhan) with my Mum and myself when we did the M&G on the reunion tour back in 2017.
Genuinely friendly, fun and appreciate their fan support, the saying 'never meet your heroes' is discredited by Keren, Sara and Siobhan who are all so down to earth with fans.
They were lovely and it was a pleasure meeting them but the security and their manager were so weird treating people like criminals if they wanted anything other than the new album signed.

The girls graciously signed my Drama and Viva vinyl as well as Glorious but the comments their team were making about it were disgusting, literally confiscating items off people even though the ladies would happily sign them.

Nevertheless they were absolutely gorgeous in person and very down to earth, chatty and appreciative.
Still making my way through the compilations but here's some thoughts so far
- I enjoyed the new version of Last Thing On My Mind but I think this should have been released separately with maybe a 7" edit of the Hi NRG mix on the compilation instead
- Venus Boys Noize Rework was a nice listen, I was shocked to find out it's a 2023 release, it sounds straight from the late 90s in the best way.
I love this compilation thou Shy Boy and I Want You Back and Long Train Running really deserve to be here, glad they included More Than Physical and Trick of the night which were not on the original Greatest Hits which I never understood. Haven't stopped playing Only Your Love remix and I could be Persuaded which I had never heard.
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