I'm going with my friend Matt tonight who also happens to be celebrating 4 decades this week! My only real wish for the setlist is Only Your Love since (at last) it's been given some attention!

Here we are from a few years back (drunkenly) unintentionally recreating the Drama album cover! Say hey if you spot us this evening.

Does anybody know the difference between the 3:30 single mix and 3:50 album mix of Venus, other than the length?
Earlier mix on the 3.30 version. Doesn’t have the same impact production wise. I think the short version only appeared on picture disc.
As far as I remember the 7” of Venus is the same as the album version. The short version with the different mix was on the More Than Physical picture disc.
I guess it's just an earlier fade, then. That mix on the picture disc sounds quite different to the album/single version.

Also - the song has more 'oomph' on the Now Yearbook 86 - did anybody else notice?
Only Your Love!

Excellent set list. Girls sounded great, band good too.

However, it was all a hit basic - like their last masquerade gig.

Give me some back drops, some red lighting, some fake flames for Venus… c’mon girls step it up a little for a theatrical venue. The Hammmersmith show set the bar, a shame this did not come close for a Glorious tour.

Going again tomorrow night down the front, should be a different experience.