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Bananarama's WOW! turns 30!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Since nobody started a thread on it, I will. One of the best pop albums of the '80s and a milestone in the Nanas' career, let's celebrate an album that is dear to many of us.

    From the iconic album cover to the hit singles (including "I Heard a Rumour" which was a Top 5 smash in America) to shoulda-been singles like "Some Girls", WOW! just may be the ultimate pop album.

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  2. Agree - a great 10 track album with little filler ❤️
  3. Perhaps their tightest, poppiest album. The next one should have been stunning, but of course Siobhan had other plans.
  4. I found it interesting that 3 of the 4 (not counting the re-recorded 'Nathan Jones' later on) singles from it started with the word 'I'.
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  5. WOW!, is the best Girl Group album ever for. Pop perfection.
  6. [​IMG]

    It's definitely close though.
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  7. Both are fab, but would on a personal level, still put WOW! above it hehe.
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  8. WOW! is up there with SAW's, and Bananarama's, very best.

    Love In The First Degree, I Heard A Rumour and I Want You Back are all brilliant.

    Some Girls would have been my pick for 4th single and I'd have loved to have seen Once In A Life Time as a Christmas single.

    Iconic cover too which I am hoping will make it onto a tour tee shirt as part of the merchandise for the forthcoming tour. Every time I remember I am going to experience these songs live I get so excited!
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  9. Spice has good singles and rubbish album tracks, WOW! is consistently good throughout
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  10. Brilliant post! And yes to that WOW! Album tee shirt too!
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  11. Naked, If U Can't Dance and Love Thing rubbish..... All are 11/10 moments.

    Something Kinda Funny and Last Time Lover are 10/10

    But anyway Wow is a fab album.
  12. Yes
  13. I dismissed WOW! for years but now I'm a big fan. It's pure SAW but there's a level of experimentalism that existed in their early work before they turned into a shit factory. The production on I Heard A Rumour, in particular, is immaculate. "I heard...I heard a rumour...oooh ooh oooh!." I sometimes think it might be my favourite SAW track, but then there's also You Think You're A Man and loads of stuff from Mel & Kim's album.
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  14. I've never listened to WOW in full.
  15. I am sorry it should be WOW! not Wow! Could a moderator please fix?

    Flop fan!

    EDIT: Changed. Saved from pop purgatory.
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  16. There's definitely a case for F.L.M., Roadblock and I Heard A Rumour being their best-sounding and arranged tracks; all from that height of summer 1987. Next we got......Rick Astley. I was briefly flummoxed. Well, flummoxed until the following summer when I got the Kylie album on the strength of some non-singles.
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  17. 1987 was an interesting year for SAW, their sound was still new and their acts still sounded unique with slight variations for each act they produced, but the arrival of Kylie at the very end of the year turned it into a massive case of copycatting.

    WOW! Is a classic pop album but it isn't my favourite of theirs, the singles are iconic and among the group's best but some album tracks feel like inferior versions. I've never warmed to the Holiday copy Bad For Me and the vocals on Strike It Rich are pretty meh. Some Girls is a great song though, the first I heard of it was the bit on The Bananarama Mega-Mix (which hit #12 in Spain) and wanting to hear it in full is what made me buy the album.

    What I've never understood is the low peak of I Heard A Rumour in the UK.
  18. Indeed, #14 for such a tune, is way too low. My favourite of the album's singles.
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  19. These are the UK top 100 charts the week it peaked. Some absolute classics there and I remember a good few of those being hammered on the radio at the time, so I guess 'Rumour' just got lost amongst the mega hits and the power ballads. Plus, their last two singles had been either a complete flop ('Physical') or a very basic hit ('Trick' reaching 32) so they were gaining lost ground. But, well, it should at least have chartered higher than Shaky's long forgotten hit:
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  20. I've never understood Shaky's appeal at all and why it lasted so long, a UK thing I guess. I'd trade IHAR for the saccharine-heavy Always by Atlantic Starr, boring song.
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