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Bananarama's WOW! turns 30!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. I hope they re-print and sell this 1987 poster as tour merchandise


    Take my money!
  2. Interesting to see the presumably planned singles listed then. And no mention of 'I Want You Back'.
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  3. Could it be an american poster or nah?
  4. WOW! indeed! Sara also easily owning it with the weave stakes there too!
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  5. Wasn't Shuv pregnant for the 'Wow' shoot? I heard part of the reason for the cover was to disguise said fact!
  6. I seriously can't wait to see the merchandise - I want tee shirts, posters, key rings, mugs, the lot!
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  7. I know she was pregnant in the I Can't Help It video, which was not too long after, so guess she must have been. Could be wrong though he he.
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  8. Leave some for the rest of us dear!
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  9. Yes Siobhan was pregnant. You can see the bump in Love In The First Degree video too under the oversized black jacket, plus the fact there doesn’t appear to have been any TV performances at the time of release..... they sure made up for it later in style.
  10. They did indeed!
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  11. I’d definitely put WOW! in SAWs Top 3 albums along with Donna’s Another Place and Time and Kylie’s Let’s Get To It!
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  12. Well this is the same photoshoot;


    ..and Siobhan doesn't look pregnant at all, although she was. She was visibly pregnant for I Heard A Rumour's TOTP performance (June) and the videos for Love In The First Degree (September)/I Can't Help It (December). She must've conceived around March time, basically. The album cover must've been shot around the time they filmed the video for I Heard A Rumour (April-May), going by the haircuts!
  13. Yes. Sara hadn't had her bob yet, so it must have been before the Love In The First Degree video.
  14. These detective skills! I’m impressed, sis.
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  15. Without a doubt, though I'd also add Rhythm Of Love in there too!
  16. [​IMG]

    Just so brilliant this artwork, still looks fresh now.
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  17. I hadn’t realised until Keren mentioned something last week that the cover of WOW! is actually a composite of two or three photos.
  18. Really? I never knew that either. Cool to know!
  19. Yeah, Keren pointed out that there’s two Bruno’s in the photo!
  20. I never knew that either!
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