Bananarama's WOW! turns 30!


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Yeah, Keren pointed out that there’s two Bruno’s in the photo!

Yeah, Keren is a dead giveaway if you look at her... she's slightly bigger than the other two! Also (just looking at it again), Siobhan's arm and waist have been fiddled with.
She must've conceived around March time, basically. The album cover must've been shot around the time they filmed the video for I Heard A Rumour (April-May), going by the haircuts!

From what I recall Siobhan gave birth in late November-early December '87.I guess they filmed the I Can't Help It video around October as it was the second US single and was released in early November, I think?
It's my favourite single off Wow! so yeah, as much love as possible for ICHI. Guess if they had been able to promote it well it would have done a bit better in the UK.