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Bananarama's WOW! turns 30!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Yeah, Keren is a dead giveaway if you look at her... she's slightly bigger than the other two! Also (just looking at it again), Siobhan's arm and waist have been fiddled with.
  2. I really need to go back and study the WOW! cover again. Just taken too much by its fabulousness each time.
  3. From what I recall Siobhan gave birth in late November-early December '87.I guess they filmed the I Can't Help It video around October as it was the second US single and was released in early November, I think?
  4. I still think I Can't Help It is a very underrated single. I think it gets lost amongst the other releases from the album.
  5. I agree..... I think it’s chances were somewhat limited with no real promotion over the Xmas period then of course Siobhan departing soon after. I love it though.
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  6. It’s one of their very worst for me! It’s a tie with ‘I Want You Back’!
  7. I Can't Help It kicked off my buying-every-nana-single period. I had only ever bought Venus previously but it was probably previous release Love In The First Degree that made me a stan.
  8. I adore I Can't Help It

    The consecutive run they had from I Heard a Rumour - Tripping On Your Love was flawless pop perfection.
  9. It's the second best single from Wow (after I Want You Back, obvs).

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  10. Aye. Even the much-maligned Nathan Jones/Help one-two punch is well-loved by me.
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  11. That intro of I Can't Help It, what a way to open WOW!
  12. It's my favourite single off Wow! so yeah, as much love as possible for ICHI. Guess if they had been able to promote it well it would have done a bit better in the UK.
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