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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Godless is THE song for me.
    The delivery of the lyrics, along with the fact that her ex wrote one of the verses makes it such a hard hitting song lyrically. It's honestly gorgeously constructed and her emotion in each word really comes through there.
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  2. Goddess is my favorite, too. Along with Stroke & Gimme.
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  3. Stroke and Look What You're Doing To Me are the only tracks I'm not feeling but otherwise...she did that.
  4. Underdog fits perfectly between Alaska and Propaganda.
  5. You don't listen to a JILLIAN BANKS album once. It's a grower. Just like her previous work. Try again.

  6. Just listened to the album a few times today and let me tell ya that it makes me so happy to know that there are still artists out there putting out a body of work that it’s not just background music. The album is an experience, it is not an album you simply put on while you’re doing something else, it’s meant to be properly enjoyed. As Banks herself said it, it’s better listened to from top to bottom. I would definitely give it a few more listens, but for now my favorites are definitely Sawzall and What About Love
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  7. Agreed. This album demands attention and close listening to the point where I can't spam it over and over because I find listening to it a draining experience. But in like, a good way.
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  8. When the distorted drums kick in on Till Now

  9. "First Impression" doesn't equal only listening once. Anyway, I agree about her albums being growers and I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong with my initial response to this record.

    Also like the fact that is album is splitting the critics - I can very well imagine this ranging from not-so-good to great depending on what you're looking for in your Music.
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  10. The album is definitely a grower, you have a couple of tracks that instantly sound like classics but overall it's another stellar collection of songs.
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  11. I take it back Sawzall is amazing. Its proximity to Look... distorted my perception.
  12. The production on The Fall when the KOHRUS kicks in.


    And then it goes into that underwater cyborg ballad with echoes in the background harmonising 'Eh Eh Eh' on If We Were Made Of Water.

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  13. Ladies the album is growing on me.

  14. The Fall is one of my favorites for sure, what a song. Alaska wasn't one of my favorites at first listen but I love it now, maybe is the most weird and different track she has ever done.
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  15. Me realising I relate to Propaganda more than I am comfortable with

  16. Oh my God, this might end up being my favorite BANKS album. The production throughout this whole body of work is massive and—as someone in this thread mentioned before—constantly on the verge of falling apart. (“Track 10” by Charli XCX teas, tbh.)

    Something about this is giving me Lykke Li’s so sad so sexy, but with the volume on the highest possible setting. I love everything bar “Look What You’re Doing to Me.”

    The standout tracks, however, are “Stroke,” “The Fall,” “Godless” (holy shit), “Alaska,” and “Hawaiian Mazes.”
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  17. I need more love for Sawzall, what a beautiful song, it's growing on me so much
  18. I think Pop 2 and so sad so sexy prepared me for this album. Whew.
  19. #32 in the unmentionables. Even more proof that the charts should become extinct.
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  20. I mean what presence or promo has this album had in the UK? If sis wanted another 1000 copies sold or so she would have put up more pre-order options and signed merch (instead of making me import the red vinyl, look what you're doing to me Jillian). She's sold out her UK tour anyway so I'm sure that'll help her with this sad news.
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