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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. I mean, an 8 on Pitchfork is not solid, it's universal acclaim among their staff. A 6.5 is their "good".
  2. Guy


    I thought Gemini Feed was, like BANKS, delightfully wacky!
  3. I really don't get the idea that if an artist doesn't change their vocal or lyrical style it means that they are somehow stagnant or uninspired? Some artists just have their shtick for a reason. I don't particularly want Banks to change into an artist that she isn't naturally when so much of her charm to me is found in her chaotic and unpredictable melodies, noisy production, and half-sensical lyrics.
  4. I think the criticism is valid because there’s the argument of redundancy: like if there’s no evolution what’s the point in new material when the old fills the same space?

    Personally, Banks has never occupied that ‘must have new music’ category for me, so admittedly I’m operating under a different mindset than someone who stans. But I do think it’s okay to expect more from an artist when they’ve shown the range to do so.
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  5. I don't know... I understand the one-note criticisms when it comes to The Altar (I felt the same way), but I think the reason I'm enjoying this album so much is how varied it is for her. I feel like she's finally starting to branch out of her original sound, & it's exciting.
  6. Exactly. It doesn't mean that the artist has to do a U-turn artistically, but just... expand the sound of some of the previous experiments maybe cough Trainwreck cough.
  7. Which is exactly what she has done here though, whether you end up liking it or not, so this criticism feels a bit unfair to me
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  8. Yeah I genuinely don't get the "more of the same" critique for this when this feels very sonically different from The Altar and Goddess even if her lyricism and vocal style is similar
  9. Other than a few production flourishes I cannot really detect that much of an evolution, but I'm glad most people here hear it. I'm keeping some songs anyway.
  10. It is more than a few flourishes though. You got almost industrial sounding parts in some songs, a bit of jazz influences, her toying with song structures, her writing something playful like Alaska and cryptic like Hawaiian Mazes etc...

    Yeah this product is completely hers and it is not a big change in that sense but that does not mean she is stagnating or releasing the same record.
  11. She’s clearly in her own lane. There’s music and melodies to enjoy here. It’s not like she has to reinvent the world with every album.

    I just think it’s a little bit silly that people expect so much from an artist when the album is solid and the girl is literally screaming her lungs out. She’s unique and deserves a lot more success.
  12. The album is great and not at all stagnant for her.

    I’m gonna need her to not with the “challenge” she’s talking about on Instagram where her fans slurp fruit to her music though
  13. I’m definitely enjoying the record. Sawzall is probably my favourite here, those Poe audio clip vibes are taking me back.
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  14. I just find the writing not all that great overall and the production is noisy for the sake of it particularly in the first half. It’s fair to say the album isn’t for me but that doesn’t take away from what y’all get out of it.
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  15. For me, she's only improved with each record. There's a warmth present in the overall atmosphere that elevates the project for me. Maybe it's the way that she's played with her vocals, or the spacious, varied productions but she's never sounded better in my opinion.

    Sawzall is going to be the perfect backdrop to watching sunsets this upcoming week and I cannot wait.
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  16. I think this album expands her sound in both directions: both harder and softer. It may not be an reinvention but it's definitly an evolution.
  17. Sawzall truly is one of the best, isn't it?

    My favorite keeps rotating between Godless, Contaminated, Sawzall, Stroke... Basically, the run from Gimme to Sawzall is perfect.
  18. As much as I love all the chaos and loudness and industrial noises on III, I would so appreciate a more acoustic project down the line, akin to Mother Earth.
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  19. I’d stream a whole album of Someone News, to be honest.
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  20. Talent stanning talent.

    I'd love if they collaborated, tbh.
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