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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Can't stop playing What About Love.
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  2. Half a decade ago today we were blessed with this masterpiece:

    It remains my favourite song of all time.
  3. Okay so I finally gave this my first listen today on my drive home and WOW. I hadn’t heard any of the pre-release tracks, even Gimme, so this experience was brand new for me. This album is fantastic, and I sort of understood what y’all were saying about Look What You’re Doing to Me, but I didn’t think her vocals were that bad. Having it preceded by the incredible Sawzall definitely helped. Honestly this is my album of the year thus far. Every track was amazing. Propaganda, What About Love, Sawzall, Godless, and Stroke are my absolute favorites so far.
  4. Look What You're Doing to Me has grown on me. It actually works in the context of the album rather well.

    My least favorites are the songs it sounds like she's done before, so only Propaganda & The Fall. But they're both fine. I don't skip 'em.
  5. You can now buy her poetry book from the store and it comes with the digital album of III for US residents.

    "There is a wise old woman who lives in my stomach. She has wrinkles and grey hair and is filled with stories. I have attributed much of my wisdom, strength, and pep talks to her. “I was scared but the wise old woman told me that it was okay!” “I felt ashamed but the wise old woman told me I don’t need to!” “I felt stuck but the wise old woman said ‘buck up lil bean you can slither like a snake to your next adventure!’” She is the voice that many of these poems come from. Like the most maternal queen you can imagine riding on my shoulder. Through writing this book I’ve owned that the wise woman in my stomach is just me. And so is the girl who listens to her....and so are all the others in between. They are all me."

    Jillian I love you, but put down that pipe.
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  6. The wise old woman is an old taco grain.
  7. My IBS can relate.
  8. The remixes on Goddess were all 10/10. Trust meh.
  9. If anyone was thinking about ordering the Indies-exclusive "milky clear" variant of III, I received mine in the mail today & it's gorgeous. I ordered mine on DeepDiscount where it's still currently on sale for $19.76.
  10. I’m never this type of person, but ‘Look What You’re Doing to Me’ really does work and come together in context/following ‘Sawzall’. I think the fact that it’s so abrasive/not very instant + was chosen as a pre-release song made it a lot to swallow, but the amazing 80’s song that makes up its DNA really comes through on the record.

    Also, her show in my city is just a little bit after my birthday, and... I can’t describe how happy it makes me that I’m finally going to get to see her after all of these years.
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  11. Look What You're Doing To Me makes sense in the context of the alberm, despite my initial hate for it. I don't skip it.
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  12. [​IMG]

    "Sawzall", "If We Were Made of Water", and "What About Love"... wow! What a holy trinity. The rest of III is very good, but I've been hooked on these three so much that I've barely listened to it in its entirety. "Sawzall" in particular is the kind of "Mother Earth"-esque song that you could just curl up into for hours.
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  13. Sawzall is spectacular on every level. But then the whole album is. A major triumph, more love needed. Easily her best work.
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  14. I caved, and even though she's playing the worst venue in Denver.....I got tickets. I have fallen head over heels in love with this album and I can't wait to see her perform it live.
  15. When all is said and done I could see Contaminated end up in my personal Banks Top 5.
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  16. sorry if I'm offending someone but I have to say, Look What You're Doing To Me would be so much better without Francis...
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  17. So I can still not stop listening to this album.

    And also I decided I want to go see her on tour and I checked the dates and she is coming to Chicago the one week I am out of town on vacation..... OF COURSE.
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