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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.


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    STILL no Mother Earth?! Girl what are you doing?
  2. I’m ripped she’s not doing Trainwreck or Mother Earth, but I’m finally seeing Miss Jillian for the first time tonight. I’ve been in my feelings HARD lately, so I’m looking forward to a totally cathartic, incredible, emotional experience tonight.
  3. I’ll be at the same show! I can’t wait to experience this album in a live setting. Trainwreck would go all the way off live though so I’m sad she’s not doing it.
  4. Haunt, Brain and Mind Games being omitted... how rude.
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  5. I’m seeing her this Wednesday for the first time also. Very excited!
  6. She didn’t even do Brain on her last tour either
  7. Guy


    I went to the Boston show the other night and it was honestly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I wouldn’t have had any idea she broke her back earlier this year, she really gave it her all.
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  8. Isn't "Brain" her signature song though? Why is she paying it dust?
  9. Her show tonight was wild. She is such a good live show, and her lighting, band, and backup dancers were all stunning.

    Her fans though, at least the ones around me, woof. Messy messy.
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  11. Saw her last night in New York, and the good sis really snapped! Her show’s a vibe.
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  12. I heard she doesn’t do it anymore, maybe it’s a personal thing? Anyway, it’s a shame.
  13. The live version of Look What You’re Doing To Me WITHOUT Franciswhatever is the real deal.

    It sounds so much better and makes more sense.
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  14. Guy


    Was he not still prominently featured on the backing track at your show?? What the hell
  15. No sis I saw clips of it on her insta story and I didn't even hear Francis...

    So maybe it was not loud enough when recorded? Oops.
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  16. 2014

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    This album really flopped for me. Gimme still slaps though.
  17. She was fantastic! I loved the encore of Begging for Thread. For me that’s her signature song.
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  18. Her show was incredible. I love her incorporation of choreography, as non traditional as it may be, and she’s such a magnetic performer. My only slight complaint is that I would have loved an acoustic section so that her voice could really shine. She sounded great but the instrumentals sometimes drowned her out a bit. Regardless she was a flawless queen and she came outside afterwards to greet and take pics with fans like the gracious goddess that she is.
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  19. I saw her in Vancouver, BC tonight and she was so godly. She was so passionate and confident and she sang her whole ass off. I cried several times. Also, my pussy flew straight to space when she performed Poltergeist!
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  20. I need 2 lyrical clear ups for me.
    Lyric sites are a bit iffy on 2 things and I can't tell what is correct.

    In Godless:
    "You can see it in my eyes
    There's a _____ that still reminds me
    I'm waiting, waiting"

    Lyric sites say Rage? Raise?

    In Stroke:
    "Beg for it
    Die for it
    I got the touch _____
    Nothing that you wouldn't do"

    Lyric sites say Placebo but I don't hear the -bo part whatsoever.
    It almost sounds like she's saying "I got to touch p****" or something. Weird flex, but Okay.
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