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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. "There's a rage that still reminds me" & "I got the touch placebo." In the first "placebo," there's an adlib over the -bo, so I can understand how you missed it.
  2. Rage I think fits. I will have to really try to hear the Placebo part but i'm just not peeling back the little adlib layer there to hear it enough I guess.
  3. I'm pretty sure it is placebo. My theory is this. A placebo is given to you to make you feel better but doesn't actually do anything. So her touch or "stroke" on his ego is just there to make him feel good but means nothing.
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  4. She started the European tour tonight and she was amazing, only got a ticket today because I'd always wanted to see her but hadn't given III much time - I'm so glad I did because she's such an incredible live performer! Also she started at 8:15 and finished at 9:30, which was perfect for half the gays in the audience who were exhausted from Charli on Wednesday and Halloween last night!
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  5. I have not really listened to this as much as I expected. But I revisited it now and feel like it holds up really well to her first two albums! It's pretty excellent and mad. I'm not sure I would rank it above The Altar or Goddess, but I love that she's managed to expand on and experimenting on her sound!

    I actually love the songs when she challenges her sound more than the most "Banks sounding" songs on the album.

    Hawaiian Mazes, Sawzall, Till Now, Gimme, Alaska and Propaganda are my favourites I so far. But I really think this is one of my favourite albums of they year.
  6. Girls I've just discovered that she's performing at 10 minutes of metro from my apartment this Thursday. Is she good live? Is she performing her best song aka Trainwreck? I don't want to spoil myself the whole setlist dd
  7. aux


    She’s incredible live, serving vocals and next level choreography. But she’s not performing Trainwreck.
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  8. I saw her on the Altar tour in 2017 and it was life-changing. Go.
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  9. You’ll regret it if you don’t go and see her
  10. Uhhhhh what
  11. What we really need—well what I really need—is a release of "Hands On Me."
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  12. Those song choices... Godless, Propaganda, The Fall, sweeties, I'm so sorry!
  13. [​IMG]

    "Contaminated," "Stroke" and "If We Were Made of Water" are literally three of the absolute best songs on the album.

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    Wait what even is this?
  15. That's what i'm wondering. I'm assuming some sort of Live versions.. But why release one a day for 4 days?
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  16. Black & white acoustic kinda videos.

    Made Of Water doesn't really need an acoustic version, Contaminated is a good song, but I'm kinda over it at this point, and Drowning... please give it a rest.
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  17. Tomorrow at 3 EST the video goes live.
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