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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. It’s on Spotify too.

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  2. These stripped versions strip (nn) whatever made Drowning great in the first place
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  3. It hurts to say this but she's really one of my faves who IMO lost it a bit in 2019. Her latest record hasn't left any lasting impression on me; the songs were mediocre and overproduced, her lyrics lost a bit of introspection, her vocals were a tad too grating and her live show was pretty much a revamp of the Altar Tour with the same staging and choreographing.

    Also, this live and stripped Version of Drowning is not it.

    Wonder how she'll move on, right now this is not my Banks era, but I thought the same about Jessie Ware with Glasshouse and now I'm super excited for record #4.
  4. III is one of my favorite albums of all time. I can't imagine not liking it, but, it comes down to taste I guess because it is different than her other stuff.
  5. Stripped version of Drowning is amazing
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  6. I know she had a Trainwreck-inspired full album in her. I know it. I will just wait.
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  7. Same. Her debut is arguably the greatest album of all time, in my opinion, but it has been a slight downward slope since.
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  8. Guy


    Unpopular opinion but

    The Altar > ||| > Goddess
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  9. Not that unpopular since it's also my opinion. For me, The Altar is Banks at the highest highs, whereas both III and Goddess are good, but sometimes a little bit filler'y.
  10. Alaska and Gimme are two of my favorite BANKS songs ever at this point.
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  11. Well someone spilled the tea.
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  12. I’m with you on that. Goddess might have some of her best songs but it’s bloated with some of her worst as well
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  13. Literally the only correct answer
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  14. Ugh her voice and the way she sings is so beautiful.
    My favorite thing about III is the blend of the way her vocal style is, and the way the glitchy electronic sounds on a lot of the songs. But it's nice to hear the song without all the electronic production, because the song still holds up because of how great she is at vocalizing.
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  15. Let me know when anyone finds a better song than "Gemini Feed". I'll wait!
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  16. What happened to her post about Til Now having a twin?
  17. It’s called ‘Better’
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  18. "Better" is such an underrated inclusion in her discography.
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  19. She’s cute but cute next to gorgeous...

    I’ve also changed my mind and decided Brain is the one to beat.
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