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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

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    She simply doesn't have a bad or even weakest album. They're all bulletproof.
  2. III really got me through 2019. So much so that I did different drag performances to 3 of the songs (And I usually don't like to just do the same artist over and over) but damn, The power and emotion I feel when I hear some of those songs... Thank god for Jillian coming into my life.
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  3. Why is that acoustic intro giving me Leave (Get Out) by JoJo.
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  4. I for one, have hated all three of these acoustic versions. I agree with people saying her albums have gotten Dddd.

    I literally only ever go back to Contaminated from III
  5. Contaminated and Stroke were cute, I guess it's better than getting nothing.
  6. Goddess is overlong and has plenty of songs that don't go anywhere, how so many of you think that's still her best... the brain worms. Take off the rose-tinted glasses for once.
  7. Only one person here with worms.
  8. The bonus tracks are definitely bonus tracks, and even a few of the album tracks can’t be saved either. Her weakest album to me as well.
  9. So after seeing the comments in this thread yesterday, I tried to create a playlist of my favourite BANKS songs. The only song that wasn't included was 'You Should Know Where I'm Coming From'. All the other album tracks including bonuses were included.

    Generally, I think she is one of the most consistently brilliant artists ever. It could also be the fact that each of her albums have hit me at quite pinnacle moments of my life.
  10. I agree that Goddess isn't a perfect record; it's really just a collection of songs she had up to this point which often is the case for debut records. However, with the vast amount of songs already released, it obviously didn't offer a real album experience. Nevertheless, IMO it contains many of her greatest songs. I personally love the acoustic tracks on this record, I think the vocals on Someone New and Under The Table are incredible and then you have Waiting Game, Brain, Alibi, Drowning, Goddess, This Is What It Feels Like, Change, Beggin' For Thread... I agree that she could've cut a few songs, but the vast majority of this record is still really good. Plus, even with records from Jessie Ware, FKA twigs and Lorde already released, the Production on this still felt super exciting, sensual and served as a blueprint for many other pop artists in the second half of the 2010s.

    When she released The Altar in 2016, the production bonus was already a little squibbed. I agree that it's overall more consistent than Goddess, but its not without missteps either, This Is Not About Us being the definition of a filler. Still there are many great songs and it's a nice refinement of the sound of Goddess, but I wouldn't call it a big artistic evolution. I like both albums, but the songs on Goddess just stuck more with me.

    As previously outlined, I'm not a fan of III. This third album could've been a statement of intent and creativity, but it really feels like she's writing about the same thing over and over. I want a real concept, a vision and more risks. The production is more muscular, but the songs at the core got weaker. Doesn't help that her vocals on many of these songs aren't exactly stunning. "Contaminated" and "Godless" are the only two tracks I revisit from time to time. It's just... I'm at a point where I know what she's good at and I would love her to come up with something really stunning and not more of the same.
  11. This is Not About Us a filler track??? What
  12. There is definitely not a single bad song on 'The Altar'. It's a masterpiece.
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  13. There's something that I truly don't get with the reactions that III gets on this forum... I see more than a few people complaining about BANKS doing "more of the same" or "not changing her sound enough" yet picking "Godless" and "Contaminated" as the only songs they go back to. And... it sort of doesn't make any sense to me.

    If there's one thing that I really appreciated on III is that with songs such as "Sawzall," "Hawaiian Mazes," "What About Love" and "Look What You're Doing To Me" - regardless of the actual quality of the songs - it felt like the first time in a while that BANKS tried to do something different. Those songs were something new for her, delving a bit more into an organic, stripped down and dreamy R&B and putting the heavy electronic productions aside for a bit.

    "Contaminated" and "Godless" are basically "Mind Games" and "Drowning" 2.0. I love these songs but they're actually nothing new for her. It feels like she did those many times before. So then to point out BANKS' lack of evolution as a reason why her latest album wasn't good or why you didn't enjoy it... I mean, I don't know, it's something that bugs me a bit. Especially after the BANKS rate we had last year where "Gimme," "Contaminated," "Stroke," "Godless" and "The Fall" (an actual reject from The Altar) were the only tracks from III that made it to the top 20 while "Sawzall" and "What About Love" both fell in the bottom 15. Maybe those songs are really not that good, maybe it's just me, but it bugs me to see people repeatedly complain about her lack of evolution yet picking those tracks as the best ones on III and completely dismissing the rest of the album and especially the songs on which she actually tried new things. To me, it feels like she is evolving and trying to push herself artistically, but you're just... not paying attention.
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    III is such an evolution in her sound. I still don't understand what y'all are talking about. It's also her most emotional and honest album (for me at least) and is by far my favorite album she's released to date.
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    Look What You’re Doing To Me is a fucking bop and it doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets
  16. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I absolutely agree that Contaminated and Godless share more similarities to earlier tracks than the rest of III. I don't return to these 2 tracks because I think they're perfect examples where she should take her sound next, they're IMO simply the best 2 tracks on this since the songwriting, the vocals and especially the melodies stand out most on these tracks. But that's really just my personal impression.

    When I said I don't really want more of the same and miss progress, that was more related to the whole III-concept, which didn't do it for me and I think both the Altar and especially Goddess were also a bit underdeveloped in this area. She tried a few things with the production in different ways this time around and that's certainly commendable, but this still doesn't feel like this essential, mind-blowing beautiful body of work she's without a doubt capable of producing.
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  17. I don't have any issue with an artist not growing sonically when they do what they do so well, so I stan the f*ck out of "Contaminated" and "Godless."
  18. Sawzall is one of the best songs ever written.

    The only misstep in III is The Fall.
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  19. There's no possible way that The Fall is misstep, definitely more like top 3
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