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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

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  2. Woah, imagine thinking that This Is Not About Us is a filler and that The Fall is a fad on III.

    I really can't.
  3. Did anyone try the Propaganda? I thought the Propaganda was lovely! For real though, my favourite track on III. Sis snapped!
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  4. If We Were Made Of Water is the one.
  5. By miles.
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  6. Crowded Places is THE ONE.

    To be honest she has a lot of one’s.
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  7. BYE. Delete your account. NAO.
  8. Seeing love for "Crowded Places," "Sawzall" and "If We Were Made Of Water" in this thread... I like it!
  9. She’s the only artist on Spotify which I can put on shuffle and listen to any song... even the Goddess Remix album is back to back incredible.
  10. I love all her ballads. "If We Were Made Of Water" and "Under The Table". Daaamn.
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  11. 27 Hours is mind-blowing, isn't it?
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  12. It's The Altar > Goddess > III for me.

    Goddess is a long album but I swear there is not a single filler for me in there. The Altar is a masterpiece from start to finish. I really love III too but I don't go back to it as much as I'd like after all this time.
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  13. The only criticism I would take about Goddess is that yes it was all over the place and (at times) it sounds like an album where an artist is finding her sound but there aren’t any bad tracks on that album. Even the fucking remixes were stellar from Goddess. TRUST AND BELIEVE.
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  14. Ya'll can rag on Goddess all you want but it had the most songs in the top 10 of my Banks rate so... the people have spoken.

    And if you didn't vote your opinion doesn't count, sorry I don't make the rules.
  15. Guy


    But because Goddess is so bloated, ||| ended up with the highest percentage of its songs in the top 10 with 23.08%

    And The Altar ran away with the highest average with 8.34
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  16. Highest average is certainly the most important factor x
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  17. In still haven't reoverd from it being the encore of my show of The Altar tour back in March 2017. A song, also, A gig.
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  18. Poltergeist being the opening song was a moment especially during the breakdown
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  19. Oh yeah! Honestly one of my favourite gigs of all time. The vibe, the music, the visuals, her electrifying presence,the dancers, the lewks... Iconic.
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