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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Shhh.
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  2. She's released some live EP and I don't remember her sounding quite so unpleasant before. The rendition of Drowning being delivered full of mumbles and croaks is such a far cry from the studio version ddd. Girl is really leaning heavy into those vocal tics...
  3. I quite like the One Mic One Take videos. Probably won't go back, but it was a nice thing. I find it a bit off how her speaking voice is almost whispering nn. And now I can really see some of the vocal tics... Mixed feelings at her exploring these songs with a different setup\structure but really showing the tics. Reminds me of the Billboard set from last year

  4. Has anyone checked out her poetry book?

    I'm wondering if it's good. She obviously knows how to write.
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  5. Poor Banks, she was terrible at this game! But the TASTE displayed, she sang Tinashe!
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  6. We need a collab. BANKS, Tinashe and twigs on an alt-rnb "Lady Marmalade."
  7. I love her so much and the way she talks about her music
  8. New song?! Please god, I am going to screammmm.
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  9. - Banks deciding the concept of album #4​
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  10. Yasss I already love it! Mumble at me all day queen! It adds to the replay value, you gotta listen at least 20 times to determine the actual lyrics and by then you’re already sold on the melody.
  11. Thank god. I've been reading this thread since page 1 today and you've been giving me anxiety with that.
  12. BTW, did y'all know the plight of finding BANKS merch? Haha. Her stuff is always sold out on her website and it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find secondhand BANKS shirts? I can't find them anywhere. Nowhere to be found. I had to settle for a couple shirts via RedBubble.... but hey, i've still got a Lana tshirt from RedBubble i ordered in 2012 and its held up pretty damn well. I just wanna give the actual music artist the money, ya know?
  13. I wonder if banks knows there's a tour date on her website that she's definitely not playing. There's some christian gospel duo with a name that ends in " and Banks," but i'm surprised it got put on her website, even if it's automated. Someone shoulda caught that. Imagine showing up to christschurch for iconic slutdrops and moody pop. Sounds like my America tbh.

  14. lookin flawless


    Just give BANKS the oscar, too.
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  16. She viewed my instagram story and I DIE.
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  17. So Hilary Duff's daughter is named Banks....

    and.... she follows BANKS on instagram (and Lana and Twigs, etc)

    So...... i'm saying yes, she totally named her daughter after BANKS.
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