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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. I hope we get new music in the next year.
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  2. She said on the Zane Lowe show that there's about 8 other songs that she couldn't fit on III, so i'm praying we get a deluxe version to hold people over.
  3. Oo i'd love a little EP. And I hope she goes through with some more stripped back sets. But, I loved III. And i'd love more of it, too.
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  4. She's live on IG doing a Q&A.
  5. Did she say anything of interest?
  6. Well, there were tons of cute moments, but other than "new music is coming and i am doing nothing but writing every day all day," nothing concrete plan-wise, or anything like that.
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  7. Give me it now.
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  8. Ugh. need.
  9. I really shouldn't listened to snippets that Banks posts because two of my favorite snippets were never officially released. Although, one of those snippets appeared in a film rather than her Instagram feed.
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  10. Is it the Xmen one? Because i'm forever mad about that.
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  11. Yes, I need "Hands On Me" to leak at some point if there's no intention to ever release it.
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  12. I learned a long time ago with BANKS to only ever touch the official releases ddd
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  13. She was apparently in the studio with Tove Lo.
  14. My two favourite alt-pop girls collabing is the only good news of 2021 so far...
  15. Darkness Puppy is coming.
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