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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. III is phenomenal (vocal production on Look What You're Doing To Me aside). I don't get the hate either. Anyway, the teasers for this video are amazing and she devoured that cover. Consider me perched.
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  2. Fell in love with The Altar but found III to be a massive let down, it felt like it took the template of The Altar but added all this extra, distracting noise on top and didn’t give the songs any room to breathe. Really struggled to recall much of it besides the softer moments like Sawzall.
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  3. III might be her weakest album but let's not forget 'If We Were Made Of Water' is in there
  4. Always makes me sad when I hear people not liking III.
    I play Stroke, Contaminated and Godless on replay all the time. If We Were Made Of Water, also beautiful.
    I just love that album and her songwriting is so good on there. And I quite like the distorted electronics present in a lot of the album. I find it adds to the heaviness of the emotions she's putting forth.

    But yknow, different strokes for different folks. I think this next release is gonna be good though.
  5. The teasers/artwork... wow. I'm ready

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  6. Oh this sounds fucking good.
  7. This is gonna wreck us.
  8. What time is the song out? Same as the music video?
  9. I thought i read the song is coming out a few hours before, but i could be wrong.
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  10. Pure sex.
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  11. Oh wow!
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  12. It’s signature BANKS and I’m fully here for it.
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  14. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    This feels like something I should adore, but it’s just…not clicking with me right now. It’s missing something in the production or maybe just the mixing/mastering.
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  15. This is classic Banks, couldn't ask for more
  16. It's a Banks song.

    Nothing original about it, sounds as muddy as the previous album, but at least it has a pulse. First listen is a 6,5/10 but maybe it'll grow. I really hope she'll try something new on the album though.
  17. It’s cool. Typical BANKS. I think I was expecting more of a banger this time around, but this is pretty reminiscent of Fuck With Myself. I like it, though.
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  18. I like "The Devil" and I'm sure that the music video will make me love it.
  19. It's a fine Banks song and I'm sure it will grow on me with time, but I don't think of it as a lead single material.
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