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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. It’s BANKS on cruise control, but no one gives me BANKS like BANKS, so I’m not too miffed that it sounds pretty much like I’d expect it to sound. I know it will grow on me and the video will likely elevate it. I do really enjoy it on initial listen though.
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  2. This is even more instant than Gimme. The dirty bass and the synths... yes.
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  3. Love it, It doesn't build to anything that absolutely blows me away though, it stays at a pretty same level throughout.
    I agree with the comments that it sounds like what you'd expect it to sound to. Which is great for someone like me who loved III and probably worrisome to anyone who didn't like III.
  4. III was pretty polarizing though. There were some songs with vocal takes that were just not good… I just don’t care for her higher pitched yelling/rambling with no coherent melody style tracks.

    Thankfully this leans more into Gimme territory but it’s also very Banks by numbers. I like it though - Can’t wait to see her perform it live and for the video.
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  5. Doesn’t begin to reach the highs of her last two leads, but I can appreciate the vibe. I’m hoping the video seals the deal.
  6. I feel like I could really do with a switch up from her at this point. All her peers are out here pushing into new sounds and visual worlds and she's.. still here doing this sort of thing. I'm a bit tired.
  7. Oooh I really love this! The way she both whispers and screams on the track is amazing.
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  8. Not this being under three minutes. ENOUGH
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  9. It’s serviceable but she’s done better.
  10. Yas, a bop.

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  11. It is a great voice-note idea/reference for a better, longer song. I dig.
  12. Yeah I love this! It's similar to Gimme but taken to an even higher level. Can't wait to see the video.
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  13. Nothing new about it but still absolutely lovely.
  14. I can only echo those who wish for a change. I can see that she already went for a bit more with III, but the instinct on where to use production effects to an artists benefit on both the music and the vocals seemed off to me on many songs on that album. Given that this was a strength in her earlier material, the III-campaign was a letdown for me.

    This first single sounds like Fuck With Myself produced for III with whispery and shouty moments and not overly compelling lyrics. Haven't seen the video yet, but at the first glimpse, it all seems a bit... tacky, again not in a good way. In the end she has to follow her own artistic path and I'll keep on checking out her new material, but unfortunately I'm not digging it right now.
  15. Amazing! I feel like she should have dropped the song and video at the same time.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Album title?
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  17. The bit where she’s on top of the car, screaming.
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  18. Mess at the trailer being better than the full video, and not even appearing in it! Where's the storyline I was promised?

    The video also looks kinda amateurish? The camera angles, special effects and lighting in general are just weird, which is unexpected because usually she can create amazing stuff even with a low budget. Meh. Scream at the actor from 13 Reasons Why being her lover tho.
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  19. The video is a scream.
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