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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Ddd the songs from III that I always skip.
  2. I felt the same, and now i'm confused. I have this theory that her new relationship played a part, in that she wants to record more songs that show what space she's in, but this is based on nothing besides me making it up. BANKS has, afaik, never showed a boyfriend openly on social media, and she's doing that with this new guy, so he must be remarkable.
  3. I’m not gonna pin the album’s release on her having a new man who she happens to post more on Instagram than her past boyfriends.

    The III era came and went so fast. I just hope the new album will arrive by late autumn.
  4. Tove on a one-woman mission to infect all alt pop girls with her bops. We love to see it.
  5. Haha, fair, but she seems like the exact kinda person to do this to me.
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  6. “If We Were Made of Water” is a highlight! The moment when, “And I’m hurting from the way that this worked out”, hits is enchanting.

    “Hawaiian Mazes” is the only low point for me.
  7. I listen to the stripped/unplugged/whatever it's called version of If We Were Made Of Water more.

    I replayed the first 5 tracks of III into the ground. I also did drag performances of 3 out of those 5. I just love those songs. The song writing is so top notch.

    Performing Godless really furthered my love for that song. There's such pain and desire in it. It's the longing for someone who used to be your everything. It really strikes me. I will never get over that song, I will probably perform it continually for as long as I do drag.
    And I performed Contaminated transitioned into Till Now at the end. It's just that wanting a connection to work out but it's been poisoned forever. And Till Now is that poison bubbling to the surface for me. It's the "I don't expect too much, But I hate too much, And I hate the way I miss you sometimes".
    It all just speaks to me so perfectly.
  8. Oh? Does this boyfriend have a name? An instagram?
  9. I have to admit I haven’t returned to Devil like, at all, but this cover has me excited.
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  10. So it wasn't a one off then?
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Hopefully this is more on a similar level to Gimme - that was a bop!
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  12. That artwork is everything and more. I'm predicting a slinky sex bop with a side of revenge.
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  13. How odd. Either another random release or she was white lying and the album is coming sooner? Glad there’s more coming though!
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  14. I love the photo but hate the font.
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  16. She really likes it in the bath when it's bubbly
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  17. Please be good and interesting.
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  18. I read a review from an insider who heard it, apparently it‘s one of her worst songs.

    the main song is 2:30 with 30 seconds instrumental outro. Some trap beat, no real chorus, annoying vocal effects and spoken/rap-like singing.
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