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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

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    "Gemini Feed" is excellent. Better than "Fuck With Myself" and a welcome switch up from Goddess.
  2. 'Gemini Feed' is something I can lose my shit to. Like BANKS at her best, it's biting and great.
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  3. I'm really liking "Gemini Feed" - get on the Canadian iTunes store so I can listen to it on repeat!
  4. Okay so Gemini is similar subject matter/different approach. I'm into it.
  5. Yes!! Looking forward to praying at The Altar but I will NOT be listening to anything beyond "Fuck with Myself" until the album release. Goddess quickly became my album of 2014 in spite of, not because of, being spoiled with so many pre-release/instant grat tracks.
  6. Hmm I no longer care about the boring album art. Falling in love with Banks all over again.
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  7. Why am I getting the feeling this will end my life?
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  8. Fuck With Myself is incredible, Gemini Feed is incredible, Those song titles sound incredible, I even love the artwork. I'm ready for banks to fuck me up...
  9. 'Gemini Feed' is incredible, definitely what I love from Banks but amped up. SOHN really did his thing with the production too.

    Honestly can't wait for the album. I can already feel it, it will be amazing.
  10. Although I really like 'Fuck With Myself', I wasn't completely sold on the video and image. 'Gemini Feed' has restored my faith in her completely. What a tune! The Altar is shaping up to be one of my albums of the year.
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  11. The intro to Gemini Feed reminds me of Receipts Kween's It's Not Right But It's Okay.

    Colour me perched for the entire album too. I want boxsets or coloured vinyls, please.
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  12. Gemini Feed is massive. I hope the artwork/packaging of the vinyl is on par or excels Goddess'.
  13. The chorus is giving me Brandy vibes but maybe I'm off on that. This is superior to Fuck, I think.

    She is brilliant but has to be careful to not lapse into Weeknd territory too much. That sound is played out. Gemini is massive though.
  14. I like Gemini Feed (and super appreciate SOHN being back on board, especially after Alibi on Goddess).
    I liked Fukwitmaselfmoredananybwodyelse.
    I like the cover art so far.

    I just can't say I'm totally blown away by The Altar campaign at the moment though which is sad because I adored everything about Goddess. Alas, I'm still hesitantly perched for the full cut because BANKS.

    On another note, "The Altar" as a title just makes me think of her Hunger covershoot + wishing she'd artsy-ed it up a bit alongside/instead of the make-up free version:

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  15. Loving the SOHN production on Gemini Feed, this along with Fuck With Myself is a very hopeful indication of the new album. Can't wait!
  16. Fuck With Myself was slightly ruined for me after a guy on Tinder said that the whispers of "fuck with myself more than anybody else" reminded him of Moaning Myrtle.

    Gemini Feed is sublime. The production is quality. Lyrically, I'm also on board especially the lyrics "Ode to my two thighs, I still want you to kiss 'em cause they're lonely"
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  17. Apparently SHON produced "This Is Not About Us" "To The Hilt" "Mind Games" & co- produced "27 Hours" after the brilliance of "Albi" & "Wating Game" this has me very very excited.
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  18. I'm pumped, she has me on board. 2/2 here. Gemini Feed is such a great track!
    Its all very similar to what she did on the first album, but with some added confidence and identity. I think this is the right way to go.
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  19. So this is also getting a translucent red vinyl. Not thrilled with how she seems to be using the exact same color palette as the last album.
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  20. I think we all expected more darkness, but this seems a little overkill.
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