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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. This is NOT the type of album you can critique one day of owning it gerls. This is not Lisa Scott-Lee.
  2. I listend to Goddess maybe 2 weeks or less (I don't know why I didn't listend to it after it was released) but I can still remember the songs. I think it's the same now, 1 or 2 weeks and it will stuck in my head.
  3. HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO GOOD. Better than I expected honestly. I was afraid she would suffer from the sophomore album slump.

    When the album gets to "This Is Not About Us" and onwards:
  4. This is pretty damn good on first listen.
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  5. Finally. The wait is over. I was always a bit worried about BANKS' follow-up album, as Goddess is my favourite album of all time. I'm not disappointed at all. I think some songs are a good change from Goddess without being too different.

    My standouts so far are Lovesick and Poltergeist.
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  6. I'm quivering.

    Can't wait to brood and wallow to this tomorrow night after work.
  7. I really enjoyed this on first listen. I wouldn't say it's better than "Goddess" but it's a nice progression.

    "This Is Not About Us" is definitely the standout track for me. Haunt, Judas and Weaker Girl are also amazing and the transition into "Mother Earth" is beautiful.

    I'm glad I waited to listen to the full thing aside from the first two singles. She definitely kept the gems for the album and gave us the weaker ones as grats. Gemini Feed is actually one of my least favourites.
  8. Yeah, really. I feel like there's a lot to digest here.

    And I think it's funny to call her overly angsty or brooding because it seems pretty obvious she's writing about one particular relationship/aspect that really affected her and there's nothing wrong with exploring that? I don't know, the theme of allowing another person to shake her self assurance seems to really run through this album, and I like that she approaches that one intense scenario from multiple perspectives throughout several songs.
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  9. But what if I didn't just come here to dance?
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  10. The already released tracks are among my favorites by her so if there's stuff on the album that's even better consider my puss preemptively blown off.

    If I wasn't such a grandpa I'd totally just wait up to download my copy tonight. Been brooding to her debut all evening in preparation.*

    *'Someone New', 'Waiting Game' and 'Change' still fuck me uP, teebs.)
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  11. Trainwreck and Love Sick are my jams
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  12. It's a great album, and this is coming from someone who didn't really care for Goddess
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Wait at this being such a strong album.

    I quite liked Goddess in all its bloated glory. But The Altar, being much, much more concise, is probably why I think it works so well better than Goddess. The Altar is a continuation of the sound that Goddess exhibited but with much more restraint and confidence. What a triumph.

    My (very early) Holy Trinity of Songs of The Altar includes Trainwreck (literally her best song yet), Mother Earth (I love it when she empties the production quite a bit to showcase the emotions better) and 27 Hours (yath, give me that shouty anthem that I love).
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  14. I really wasn't seeing something like Trainwreck coming from her. Eviscerate my guts and unearth all my repressed slutty tendencies Queen Grimhilde.

    And the chorus in 27 Hours really goes hard. I already love this more than Goddess.
  15. So the CD has the acoustic beginning of Gemini Feed but the iTunes version doesn't? Damn it.
  16. First impressions were really good for me actually, thought Goddess was too ballad heavy but here they've all got little distinctions to keep it fresh. Also I keep mouthing Jealous to the little squeaks in This Is Not About Us chorus.
  17. Woke up a little earlier than usual just so I'd have time to get this bought and on my iPod. I'm going to actually sit down and give it my full attention this evening but I'm definitely loving it so far. She's stayed in her 'sound' but it's much more confident and assured. Very impressed.
  18. With this record she takes a step in the right direction, which is her own path. I think the biggest issue underlined by many with Goddess was that she sort of fell in the middle ground of similar artists, her identity left a bit blurred and unclear.

    The Altar is not a radical departure from the debut, but it's much more focused, much more emotional and much more dynamic; but the best thing is the impression that she's starting to reveal her identity as an artist as well.
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  19. WaiT at 'Judas' being that slinky, low key "I don't need you" bop that I love.

    EDIT: 'Lovesick' just annihilated my scalp. What kind of sex bop??? This album is amazing. Obsessed.
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  20. Oooh I'm really enjoying this x
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