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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. I love the picture itself, but I would've preferred it if the colours were the same ones she used for the Gimme cover.
  2. I don't know, it's a little bland for me. I liked the Gimme cover better.
  3. Ok but we need a date x
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  4. July 12.
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  5. I thought this said "ok but we need to date". And I was gonna be like same! Same to your actual comment too.

    I love the cover. It's gorgeous. And if it's actually coming July 12th i'm so glad she's not dragging this campaign out like all the other girls.
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  6. Me, I am @Kuhleezi, the sapphic appropriation chanteuse.
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  7. The cover seems a little casual, but it’s beautiful. Love the colors and the outfit.
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  8. Would be perfect if the image was centred and only had the III at the bottom under her leg in a font like Didot, no Banks logo.
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  9. This feeling when you listen to Gimme on Spotify and next Song is Beggin For Thread... I'm sorry but this new song does nothing for me, Production is nice but hardly groundbreaking and the Lyrics are some of the blandest she's ever written. What I loved about Goddess was that it was one big mess of an album. There was this super stylish sound, but at the same time there was a vulnerable, volatile and sometimes even clumsy core to most of these tracks which made her stand apart from other artists who just came up with lots of stylish but totally exchangeable songs. Gimme is IMO exactly heading down that alley.

    Speaking of exchangeable, I have no idea why one would choose such an inexpressive and meaningless photo to promote their art, their music. But I always hated Album Covers that looked like some pointless fashion or make-up photoshootings. As others have already pointed out, the new font is also nothing to write home about and I echo those who would've preferred her to stick to the old font. Might not be super stylish in 2019, but it definitely has recognition value, unlike the new one.

    In conclusion, this new campaign doesn't shake my world thus far. Hope I'll like the next single.
  10. I kinda love how even the album cover feels so 2006/2007 in the best way possible, fitting perfectly with the Timbaland/Blackout sound that Gimme has.
  11. Guy


    North American tour!

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  12. I'm pissed off that Atlanta's show is a festival date, because it means the setlist will probably be more local pandering and the staging will be different. Hopefully she goes on another leg later or I'll be going to Nashville
  13. The last time I bought tickets for a concert before the album came out was for Marina and then THAT happened... I’m going to Vancouver for Jillian regardless!
  14. What would a local pandering BANKS setlist even look like? Does she have any mainstream hits?
  15. No, but I imagine it would be

    Waiting Game
    Beggin for Thread
    Fuck With Myself
    Gemini Feed
    Mind Games
    + 2 other new songs

    whereas the rest of the tour would be the whole new album
  16. I can’t fucking believe she’s finally coming my way. I finally get to see one of my OG favorites, I’m a very happy camper today.
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  17. Everyone forgets poor Drowning.
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  18. aux


    She is so incredible live, that I would snatch tickets again even if I knew zero of the new songs. I went to her show at the Apollo when she played there, and I've been a fan since. That night made me laminate my stan card.
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  19. Well I already know she's gonna pay Goddess dust so I probably won't be 100% satisfied with the setlist. But luckily the good sis can't write a bad song and she's grown so much as a performer so i'm excited for this.
  20. Well her last festival performance was basically The Altar tour setlist so I’m imagining it will be the same for this festival date with this tour
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