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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. 1 Till Now
    2 Gimme
    3 Contaminated
    4 Stroke
    5 Godless
    6 Sawzall
    7 Look What You're Doing to Me
    8 Hawaiian Mazes
    9 Alaska
    10 Propaganda
    11 The Fall
    12 If We Were Made of Water
    13 What About Love
  2. Maggie Rogers and Austin Mahone would like to have a word, I kid
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  3. From Goddess to Godless oh my god.
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  4. Look What You Made Me Do found rotting.
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  5. If this is real, these are my favourite song titles in ages but it seems very Pomegranate...
  6. Intriguing titles, for sure.
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  7. I know I shouldn't be expecting a Heart cover, but...
  8. Hawaiin Mazes = Orange Trees.
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  10. Wish it stated when they go on sale. Take my money!
  11. Probably next Friday
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  12. The Manchester date (Ritz) goes on sale next Friday, o2 presale on Tuesday, waiting to see if there's any details of a fan presale too.
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  13. Angel! Very excited to see her!
  14. Dates (since Twitter hides them)
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  15. That cover is stunning.
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  16. Yeah, this is a great picture. Also, the new font works well with it.
  17. Damn.
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  18. That picture is amazing.
  19. Francis and The Lights? Consider me perched! I'm loving this no bullshit straight to the point album campaign.
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