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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Her voice sounds awful on this.
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  2. Interesting she's doing Meet & Greets this tour. I'd have jumped at the chance during the first album era but not that fussed right now. But good 'alt' girls are starting to do them.
  3. Here's a clip, in potato quality! -

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  4. Dazzler is in Dark Phoenix? Let me geek out a bit!
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  5. nn it's almost like they swapped out the backing track last minute from a completely different song? There's sections where the vocals sound so out of time it's almost unlistenable.
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  6. 1st listen: what the actual hell...
    2nd listen: this SLAPS.

    I have no idea why or how but I love this. I love when she goes over the top with vocals.
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  7. A kii.
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  8. What the fuck is this?
  9. I feel like it's all intentional. I love it. Its an Ally McBeal sing song in a nutribullet that's grinding rocks.
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  10. Upon first listen, this was a supermassive yikes. But as I listened more, I kind of got it? You just kind of have to lean into the fact that it is intentionally messy. The pacing kind of starts to make sense when you just let it happen.

    This is definitely a new angle to her voice, but I’m not sure it’s the healthiest technique. It sounds very throaty. None of her other vocal methods have sounded that way. Still interesting to hear nonetheless, especially with her use of AutoTune more heavily.
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  11. I too thought it sounded like a song in a blender at first, but it definitely makes more sense a few listens through. Could’ve for sure used some smoothing out, but I still appreciate her experimenting.
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  12. It's giving me robotic gospel. I like it.
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  13. This would be so much easier to listen to if she sang an octave lower.
  14. The song reminded me of this, dddd:
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  15. Wow this is shit dddd.
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  16. I’m liking it more and more, help
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  17. I expected something worse after reading through all the posts before listening.
    It's a little more shouty of a vocal than what she normally does I feel but it's not the worst thing i've ever heard. The beat is good at least, it's something to clap along with or whatever.

    Also that X-Men song sounds really good, I hope they release it even though the movie is getting poor reviews.
  18. I'm... truly confused as to what she thought she was doing with this one.
  19. Is it as bad as how she sounded like on Better? Which is her ONLY bad song, like ever.

    The reviews and reactions here for this new track is such a kii. I might just listen to it later today.
  20. Better is completely outstanding and should have been the opening track from The Altar
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