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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Yeah, this did nothing for me, but Gimme still bops so it evens out.
  2. I will not tolerate any shade toward 'Better's visceral rawness and grit.

    'Look...' is definitely a grower, I definitely gave it the cock-eye at first, but it's really carved it's way into my head.
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  3. Jesus, her voice is very nice, why make it sound so robotic with that amount of autotune?
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  4. For effect.
    It's like with Lana Del Rey, Her voice sounds just fine when it's clear (like it is throughout her first album) but they just LOVE to add a reverb echo and make it sound like she's singing at the other end of a tunnel.

    It wasn't done because her voice needs some sort of fix, they did it purposefully as an effect.
    I understand why someone would be mad at it, but, I dunno... It doesn't bother me (Until they put it on every song, then we'll talk)
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  5. Yeah, no, I totally get it but it seems unnecessary to me to add it throughout the entire song. I guess it's just a personal preference but I really like her clear voice.
  6. The good ol' "repeated listens" tactic is really not working this time around. *starts to worry about album*
  7. This is not good.
  8. I...kinda like it.

    I don't think she's 100% successful at what shes trying to pull off with the whole cacophony of sounds thing but I appreciate the attempt. It's disorientating but...nice.

    Underdog and Crowded Places were so much stronger than this and Gimme though, so I'm a little bit bitter that they aren't our first taste of the album.
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  9. I really like it, and maybe even more than "Gimme"...
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It's very Grimes ffff.
  11. Her music has always been distorted, bar a few songs. I think she has a beautiful voice, but she’s elsewhere with her music.

    It’s not terrible, but I hope there’s something a bit more relaxed on the album.
  12. I...can't make my mind up about this at all. The messy production certainly makes it unique, but yeah, it's a bit of a challenge to listen to. I'm a little concerned for the album now if this is what they considered second single material.
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  13. I love it ddddd
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  14. This sounds like Me! on crack
  15. METH!, if you will.
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  16. This needs to be the new title for T*ylor's thread.
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  17. How does one weird song in her discography make you worried for the album?
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  18. I don’t think I’ll make repeated listens of this one.
  19. ...Yikes. I can hear her vocal chords scratching to escape her throat. Also why the hell did she think this should be 4 minutes?
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  20. Mess.
    This sounds like some mutant hybrid of Nelly Furtado and Shania Twain...
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