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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. You are doing a bit too much over one song. Her track history is pretty solid and she will probably deliver a strong and thematic record once again like she did with other two. Chill out
  2. Is it just me or has there been a significant increase in moaning in all the pop girl threads this year? Like they release 1 song you're not feeling and suddenly the entire album is DOOMED.
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    I mean if it's on the front page I'm going to click on it, not like I'm actively following it - oh and you're welcome x
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  4. Yeah the other song is bad, but did everyone forget that Gimme is one of the best songs or the year?
  5. Godless is really good, too.
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  6. I love both songs although I definitely understand the...apprehension...towards ‘Look What You’re Doing To Me’ nñn. However, it’s not like she’s got a track record of releasing bad albums. Both of them were brilliant and I doubt this’ll be any different.
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  7. I loved the first two albums but I'm not really feeling the new songs... yet
    Gimme didn't grab me and that last song was an abomination.
    I will give the album a go and maybe these songs will sound better as a whole but I'm not obsessing over this like usual, which is a shame.
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  8. Love ‘Gimme’, love ‘Godless’, you’ve all done way too much over ‘LWYDTM’ since it dropped, and the album will most likely be fantastic. Chill out.
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  9. Sounds beautiful and very, very her. Can’t wait.
  10. Is the album not coming at midnight EST?
  11. It's not Friday yet ddd.
  12. I don’t know why I thought it was coming July 10, oh my god. Thank you.
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  13. Yeah, she has helmed two of the best albums of the decade. I’m not worried. ‘Contaminated’ sounds amazing.
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  14. It’s really gotten to me how negative the subforum gets, like even though the album did turn out to be meh and most of the jokes were a kii, some of the things people were saying about Marina during the Love + Fear rollout was really irksome, like “Do we really need her in the year 2019?” like so much passive aggressive dismissals of an artist after releasing one bad to mediocre song. It’s just... so over the top? Not to mention users who have always had it out for a certain artist and just wait for the first release that’s collectively not liked to post their scorching hot take on that artist like “I’m glad you have all come to realise this artist is shit! I’ve NEVER liked them to begin with!” It just becomes such a downer.
  15. Did "Godless" get removed off Spotify?
  16. Yes! It’s not showing anymore, guess it was a mistake
  17. Considering the album comes out on Friday, wouldn't it have been easier to just leave it up so that it can get those additional streams before the album drops?
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