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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. THIS. I thought she sounded so much like Lykke.

    Can't wait for tomorrow.
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  2. ‘Contaminated’ is gorgeous. I love how languid and sad it is but still really sexy and beautiful. This record is going to rule.

    Speaking of, can’t believe we get a whole new album from her in less than a day. What a gift, I really do love her so, so much. Her music is still directly in line with her aesthetic from the early days but it sounds like her refining herself as opposed to any sort of limitation or unoriginality. I’m already getting new albums from her and Charli this year, if Twigs and Tinashe finally drop projects too, all of my favorite ladies will have conspired together to bless the 2012 sad boi alt that I really am inside.
  3. Loving the new song
  4. Contaminated is gorgeous. Like. Such a beautiful song.
    I can't believe we're about to get this album.
    I'm so glad she continues to make music.
    I dunno, whenever smaller artists manage to continually release music it makes me happy that good music can exist and continue to be made despite chart performance, exposure, radio play, etc.
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  5. God, she's amazing.
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  6. The train has pulled in to the station, and I'm having an experience to this album!

    I think this is the least ballad-y album she's done, putting more focus on the production. 'Sawzall' and 'What About Love' are the most mellow moments. 'If We Were Made of Water' is kind of a doom-ballad; starts off almost like a Shura ballad, but as the production creeps in, it slowly gets heavier.

    Verdict: Not a skippable moment for me, all 13 tracks have their own wonderful merit!

    I only want collaborations with SOHN and Hudson Mohawke in future.
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  7. This album is really, really good. She definitely delivered with this.

    The only tracks I’m not too keen on are Sawzall and Look What You’re Doing To Me
  8. I'm guessing this is out in New Zealand and you people are doing your thing?

    I am fine with Contaminated for the day.

    Our love is tainted
    And I wish I could change it
    And we're always gonna be contaminated

    Come through with the toxic relationships anthem!
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  9. I'm so envious of New Zealanders, tbh. I just want to listen to "Godless" again.
  10. Quick First Listen Thots:

    Till Now - Wow. Very odd. Certainly an in-your-face opener.
    Gimme - Probably her best first single. A certified bop. That chorus snaps. (Am I the only one who hears "Gimme, gimme you" instead of "Gimme, gimme it" all throughout the song?)
    Contaminated - Very good. Whoever said it was the Mind Games of the album is right. Moody, with lots of weird production flourishes - have to say I have a soft spot for the country-esque guitars.
    Stroke - OH, THIS IS FIREEEEEEE. THAT BEAT. WHEW!!! The production on the album is insane so far.
    Godless - I could see this being a hit for her. I find it interesting that her ex originally wrote this for her & she revised it. The production, again, is wild -- but there's a huge chorus on this one, too.
    Sawzall - Super strange song. Pretty, though. Reminds me of 22 A Million Bon Iver a little. Suddenly Look What You're Doing to Me is making a lot more sense in context...

    Look What You're Doing to Me - I understand how she lost people with this one. It's a bit too much, even for me, who's been loving the experimentation. My main problem with this song is the chorus - it just sounds like a mess with Francis, & the song itself goes on for too long. But it certainly makes more sense with Sawzall next to it.
    Hawaiian Mazes - Interesting production - not much of a chorus on this one. Will need a few listens.
    Alaska - This is strangely camp? Jazzy & tongue-in-cheek. Catchy.
    Propaganda - A relatively radio-friendly song. This is an example of what I expect from Banks, for better or worse.
    The Fall - This one didn't do anything for me. I expected more from a Miguel collab.
    If We Were Made of Water - Even the ballads are quite wild production-wise, with beats fading in & out, random sound & vocal effects. I like this one a lot.
    What About Love - Not sure what to think of it on the first listen - rather meandering &, again, out there in terms of structure, but also a genuinely sweet closer.

    That was an intriguing first listen. Very creative, colorful album - probably my favorite album of hers because even if there are a couple songs that don't work fully for me, it's never boring. She certainly branched out on this & got weird. I'll have to give it more listens & see how it all holds up, but I'm pleasantly surprised overall.
  11. Wait this sounds like good news!
  12. Contaminated is incredible. Ugh I'm so ready for this full album. Bring on midnight!
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  14. "Stroke" really is the one, isn't it?
    I still wish that "Hands On Me" was on the album though.
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  15. Wait... THERE'S A MIGUEL COLLAB ON THIS ALBUM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. It's a Miguel co-write. Hopefully, Banks and Miguel will collaborate on a duet in the future.
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  17. The critic reviews are all very positive so far.
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  18. I can't wait to have more Banks in my life.
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  19. I really really really like this album and I think it will only get better the more I listen. Slay, Jillian.
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  20. The Fall and Propaganda... wow, just wow. That ENERGY!
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