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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. The eventual BANKS rate is going to be a bloodbath, isn't it?
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  2. Me reading these opinions whilst in the middle of prepping the rate:
  3. The album isn't showing up on spotify yet for me. I am pressed.
  4. One song in and I’m fucking quaked. The production on this goes crazy.
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  5. Holy shit Godless.
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  6. Well it's certainly a loud album so far.
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  7. The production on Sawzall is giving me absolutely everything I need.
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  8. Currently drunk and What About Love has me deep in my fucking feelings.
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  9. jimmy jimmy jimmy don't go
  10. This definitely feels the least straightforward of her albums, and I think it's going to take a few more listens to properly get into, but I'm really really enjoying it (except Look What You're Doing To Me, which remains an unlistenable bunch of noise in context as well). I definitely see why they went with Gimme as the single, since it's easily the most accessible, immediate song here, but the production across the board is a delight to listen to. Her vocals, as expected, are stunning all the way through and far more varied in tone than Goddess or The Altar. I'm also glad to see her finally getting some good scores from critics, though I am patiently dreading the pitchfork review, since I'm sure they'll drag her like they always do.
  11. Wow those last two songs... Her ballads always absolutely destroy me.

    I think Gimme, Godless and Propaganda is my trilogy on first listen.
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  12. The production in this record... Show them how it is done queen
  13. The album hasn't really hit me like I wanted to on first listen. I'm missing some of the rage and overwhelming assertiveness that 'Gimme' suggests, and the album kind of gives up on that pretty early on in favour of her more... natural songwriter-y style. I've kind of always loved the juxtaposition she presents with the extreme production and her songwriting, so it's a little disappointing, but I'm sure it'll open up with more listens.

    'Gimme' is still the absolute one, and is perhaps her best ever song. 'Contaminated' is also world class, I wish there was at least one more like it on the album.
  14. This album is definitely her most interesting for me to listen to, but The Altar happens to have some of her best songs ever (Poltergeist, Mother Earth, etc). I’m so pleased with the album.
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  15. Stroke sounds like an absolute MESS..... and I fucking love it!!!
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  16. I’ve listened through it so many times already and I still need much more time to organize my thoughts. By far her most dense album, and that’s not to say least instant. There just feels like there are more layers than ever to think about and examine.

    The sound she’s created her is pretty incredible if you ask me, so unique. Crystalline, futuristic, dark and sweeping, cinematic but still approachable and real. A friend of mine described her sound as “Phil Collins if he were born and raised in the Blade Runner universe” this week, and that’s absolutely what this album sounds like. Can’t wait to dive in even more.

    ‘Sawzall’ and ‘Alaska’ impress me a lot so far out of the tracks I hadn’t heard prior, and ‘Gimme’ and ‘Contaminated’ remain some of the finest songs I’ve heard this year.
  17. On first listen, the best song on this is Gimme.

    So I guess she chose the right lead track. I'll give time for the rest to sink in before making a final judgment on whether this is better than The Altar or Goddess.

    The Altar, for me, remains her best album thus far. A cohesive and mature piece of work. Her debut was more of her testing the waters and sound.
  18. It’s more funhouse with her mouth full of marbles.
  19. It's like, double the sound effects, too. Dddd.
  20. Holy shit, ‘Hawaiian Mazes’!!!
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