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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Yeah, I'm a little bit underwhelmed. I expected something more aggressive and harsh and a lot of it is very... natural sounding (for her standards). It's a bit like when Gaga went country. kii
  2. Godless is massive. Why aren't you all freaking out?

    Alaska is also everything.
  3. On first listen Propaganda stood out as the most immediately impactful (and accessible) thing here. I also liked What About Love and Sawzall. It kinda flew by, need to give it another listen later.
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  4. First listen and I like it. As said before, the production is amazing on this. My favourites so far are Gimme, Contamination, Stroke, Godless, Propaganda, Alaska and If We Were Made of Water.
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  5. I am... halfway, feeling confused and underwhelmed.

    The production in some songs is amazing... but has nothing to do with the song or adds nothing to it? Some of them sound like amateur mash-ups (Look What You're Doing To Me... gurl).

    Like, did she go into the studio and went bananas hitting every button for the sake of making everything noisy? I don't get it.

    Godless is a cute girl though.
  6. Producers: What sound and vocal effects do you want?
    Jillian: Yes
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  7. RJF


    I... gave up halfway through out of boredom. Oh Gill, you continue to... elude me.
  8. I am taking Gimme, Contaminated and Godless and running.

    The idea of listening to this again...

  9. So you missed Hawaiian Mazes and If We Were Made Of Water?
  10. Ok wait The Fall has a rap section and the production sounds like it's been lifted from Homogenic and put at 3x speed
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  11. Incredible start then it falls to pieces for a bit once you get to Sawzall and Look What You're Doing to Me. Hawaiian Mazes is amazing however and is giving me early 2000's Janet. Loving pretty much everything but those middle two clunkers.
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  12. Banks’ music always takes some time to settle in for me but I don’t think she really has a bad song. “Stroke”, “Godless”, “Alaska”, “Gimme” and “Contaminated” are my immediate faves. I can’t wait to see her in September. She needs to perform “Alaska” so I can call out for Jimmy with her!
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  13. I’m shocked at the lukewarm response. I was admittedly a bit stoned during my first listen last night but that run from like, ‘Gimme’ through ‘Propaganda’ literally made my jaw drop. It’s such a strong, weird suite of songs. And that’s definitely not to discount the other songs as they are gorgeous as well. The biggest worry I’ve had about this record is that it might find her spinning her wheels a bit instead of expanding upon her sound but she completely blew past’s still very much a BANKS record with all that entails but this time there’s a...warmth that was largely absent from the previous albums. It feels more organic while still retaining the jagged electronic elements that help turn her records into their own little self contained worlds. And while there’s always been a sexy, sensual vibe to her music, she really pushes that to the foreground here to stunning effect...stuff like ‘Contaminated’, ‘Stroke’, Alaska’ and ‘Godless’ easily rank among her very best, as well as the more experimental stuff like ‘Sawzall’ and ‘Hawaiian Mazes’. The whole album is fantastic, almost exactly what I wanted from her and it manages to push her sound forward while still retaining that BANKS feeling.

    I don’t know. Hopefully it grows on y’all because I’m (clearly) getting every inch of my life from this.
  14. Can somebody point me towards the bops and midtempos?
  15. Fun little story about 'Godless'

  16. [​IMG]
  17. Third listen and a spliff later, it all makes sense - YAS.

    This edges slightly ahead Goddess for me.

    The home run of the last three songs though:

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  18. Propaganda is THAT bitch!
  19. Cause you've been my god, my god and when you're gone, I'm godless.
  20. I love this album the whole way through. I found her first 2 to
    They kind of all are mid tempo except the last two which are ballads with lots of juicy production.
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