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BANKS - Serpentina

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. The video is really bad nn. This is a no from me Jillian.
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  2. I got the feeling that the video is supposed to look like a cheesy horror movie from the early 2000’s.
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  3. Well I like it.
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  4. I feel like she’s stretching her sound a bit thin with a fourth album of the same thing…
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  5. I love what I'm seeing and hearing. I somehow still can't grasp she's back already, I really expected a bigger hiatus.

    I'm ready for miss Serpentina to slay me though.
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  6. The chaotic energy of the video after a few glasses of wine, I’m just sat here with my my phone and I have no idea what’s going on. The special effects are dramatic. Where’s the storyline? The song is BANKS on autopilot, but I love her.
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  7. I'm a Banks fan and was really looking forward to this, but I'm afraid I must say that I'm underwhelmed. It sounds more as a b-side to III than a lead single from a new project, also the video is cheap. I know that Banks is not having the same budget as some other acts out there, so I can forgive the video being as it is, but she always delivered musically (yes I also like III eventhough it's probably her weakest album yet), but unfortunately this isn't it.

    Some of her "between projects" releases such as "Better" and "Underdog" are far superior to this to (in fact both of those tracks deserved to be on albums).
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  8. The song is proficient but not entirely exciting. I'll still be looking forward to the album because she always has at least a couple cuts I can stan but I do wish she would try a fresher direction.
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  9. I love the song.
    Yeah, the video isn't great, but I watched The Love Witch recently, and I felt a bit of inspiration was pulled from there, so I'm not mad at it.
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  10. I love this song.
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  11. Interestingly, she’s releasing this single independently (via AWAL); it’s also co-produced by her, and she co-directed the video.
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  12. I’ve played nothing else all day, this is a bop. The John Carpenter-y synths and the horror screams… it’s camp!
  13. Banks on autopilot is still more exciting than 80% of other popstars going full welly anyway. I also really like the song.
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  14. I'm completely on board with this now, song's definitely a grower. The video is cheesy and her ambition is clearly bigger than her budget, but the last 30-45 seconds are genuinely great. Bring on Serpentina!

    P.S. What's the name of the actor/model in the video? Asking for a friend.
  15. Deaken Bluman from 13 Reasons Why.
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  16. I'm not sure about this one. I don't think it's bad by any means and can see myself enjoying it in the context of an album, but it feels demo-ish and, dare I say, a bit... cheap to me? Especially in comparison with songs that were mentioned earlier like "Underdog" or "Fuck With Myself." The main synth in particular feels like a GarageBand loop and the screams sound like they were found on a royalty-free sound effects library. There's a good idea somewhere in there – the whispered chorus is a very nice and attention grabbing touch – but they just didn't fully develop it. It ends up feeling like the song isn't going anywhere.

    As someone who actually like III and saw it as the start of an evolution towards the ethereal dreamy R&B-infused sound of songs like "Sawzall," "Hawaiian Mazes" or "What About Love," "The Devil" doesn't totally fill me with joy but I'm sure there'll be plenty of surprises on the album. She never disappointed me so far so I'll be looking forward to her next project.
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  17. Thank you. Brb.
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  18. Yeah I mean ... he fine fine.

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  19. It sounds... fine. But it's a little "Can you come up with something else?" at this point. The moment it started I already remembered the way she mentioned having some songs from III sessions that didn't make the cut but she really like them and I was like "is this it?".

    The ASMR vocals are just fighting with the instrumental and everything feels\sounds battling each other instead of complementing. Not in an "artistic way".

    The video is a scream at how she went "look at all this budget" on teasers and then... this. But it's funny or at least not-so-serious which is something kinda new. Just could be better. The whole thing is a 6.5 for me but alright. III still served STROKE so I'm just waiting.
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  20. I love the video, even if I wish we got more of what was teased -- the "there is no kinship in money" teaser suggested there was going to be more of that angle, and I find it odd that she'd do that bit purely for a teaser video. And the video and song end way too soon for my taste -- it builds up and up, but then it sort of cuts itself off. This actually lies more with the song, but if more to the track meant more visuals to pair with it, I won't complain.

    Regardless, what we got is amazing. The effects really go to show how little of a budget she had, and just how much went into... everything else for the video, but Banks is so magnetic to watch, it really doesn't even matter: she sells the fuck out of it.
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