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Bardot (Australian Popstars) General Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Had never hard anything by them bar 'Poison' but checked them out after the Right Back At Ya episode about them. 'I Need Somebody' is a bop. Video is very Girls of FHM 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy'
  2. But done with infinitely more class and sophistication...

    Plus one of them mocks riding a motorcycle.
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  3. The music videos have all been uploaded in better quality on this channel

  4. The mock ups used for the display image for these videos are hilariously edited. They look like bootlegs being passed off as originals.
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  5. Just rediscovered my love for this track here You Got My Feeling, a smooth song

    I can't tell who starts the first verse is it Sally then Belinda
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  6. Pretty sure it's Sally.
    It's a very Liberty X vibe isn't it?
    To me the unsung hero of the album is "Don't Call Me (I'll call You)".
    It DEFINITELY should've been a single.
    It's very of its time but matured their sound nicely and Belinda shines.
  7. Agreed, Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You is the highlight of the album for me, however the whole album is pretty flawless start to end. The two slower tracks were the only ones I didn’t originally like, but Love Will Find A Way clicked with me when they did few live performances of it.
  8. "Don't Call Me I'll Call You" is certainly a bop, but is also has the hallmarks of an early 00s song.

    Things that make me chuckle when I listen to it:
    - Saying the band name.
    - "Kick it!"
    - The obvious dance break section.
    - The vocoder/autotune on certain words in the second verse "lady", "baby"...
    - The lyric and Sophie's staccato delivery of "The other day when you said that you hated my dress, who do you think you are telling me I had to undress".
    - The synthetic strings.
  9. Everything that makes it great you mean.

    I wonder if it had been the first single instead of "A.S.A.P" how it would have been received. I feel like really could've stood up against international hits at the time and might've given them another chance at going international.
  10. So. A few hours ago, Sally posted several pictures of herself with Sophie during the Bardot era - and Sophie has just replied! The plot thickens...
  11. Maybe the 2 camps are just making themselves known.
    It's not like Sally has started interacting with the other 3, she's sharing photos of Sophie and they are the ones that ended things are are probably happy that things are done.
    The other 3 are enjoying the Bardot like light, doing interviews, interacting with fans and (from what it seems) making plans for "something" to come in the future.

    The only way I can see the other 2 even considering something at this point is if there's some big opportunities being presented as a 5 piece but I don't think that's the case anyways.
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  12. I've noticed that Sally has commented on Tiffani's posts. Katie is the only other member who follows Sophie, and has just commented on the photo.
    But, yes - two camps, with some individual interactions between the two sides.
  13. I think it'd take some major mediation between Tiffani, Belinda and Sophie if any thing was to happen.
    They're, understandably, still very hurt with the way things ended and add insult injury not speaking to them for 18 years even though they play it off as water under the bridge.
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  14. Double post but we have a new acoustic cover coming from
    "Neo Bardot" next week.
    Tiffani let slip in an interview that Belinda and Katie wanted her to do a song that she didn't know the words to so my guess would be
    "These Days" as previously discussed she didn't have a section on where Katie and Belinda both have verses.
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  15. Sophie’s instagram is very glamorous. Though you can tell she enjoys taking the piss out of herself too.
  16. Ohhhh I can’t wait.

    Do I have this right? The friction seems to be:
    Sophie vs Tiff and Belinda
    Belinda and Sally
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  17. No mention of Katie - I think she would be ideal mediator. Perhaps she knows that herself.
  18. I've never heard Belinda say anything directly negative about Sally, or be bitter towards her directly, but I may be wrong.

    Just a dream reunion project strategy (particularly if they want to profit from this immediately), why don't they do a TV reunion/mediation which is:

    - produced by Sally's production company.
    - furnished and dressed by Belinda's House of Chapelle.
    - mediation facilitated by Underwood Healing.
    - entertainment by Tiffany's singing company.
    - publicity by Sophie Monk.
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  19. Scream! I love this thread.
  20. Sally (who, to recap, initiated 20th anniversary celebration discussions, then dropped out and put her Instagram on private during the whole thing) has just posted another Bardot story on her Instagram. Apparently, Sally's daughter is obsessed with Bardot...and...Inside Outside by Sophie Monk! What an opportunity to copy Sophie in again!
    Do you think Sally is playing the long game here?
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