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Bardot (Australian Popstars) General Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. I hope sally does come on board again. But I am loving the chemistry Kate, Tiff, and Belinda have.
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  2. Maybe Sally can see the selling power in the original line up coming back together and she's holding out for Sophie to give a definitive answer.
    I feel like there might be a fair bit more going on behind the scenes than we know and while things sort themselves out Tiff, Katie and Belinda WANT to be active regardless of the intention of the other two
  3. Who would have thought it, but Sophie Monk has now started posting positive posts about her time in Bardot, favourite songs, photos etc but.....she has even started including Tiffani, Belinda, Katie and Sally in her posts! Maybe something really could happen with all the girls!
  4. So she has! I really didn't think that would happen.
    I noticed that Sophie is now following Katie and Tiffani (as well as Sally of course)....which means...they're talking to each other? Was this Sally's reason for pulling back from the 20th celebrations...because she knows how Sophie ticks? Sally has been putting A LOT of Bardot stuff out there in the past few weeks.
    @AussiePopstar is right - there is something going behind the scenes. This is interesting.
    Whatever happens - I'm just happy that they are in contact on some level, for their sakes.
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  5. It looks like they are all following each other on social media except Sally and Belinda aren’t following one another? Very interesting that Sophie has begun adding them all and posting about Bardot stuff.
  6. Tiff, Belinda and Katie have done a fantastic job of laying the ground work for the celebration of the anniversary getting fans excited and the media interested and perhaps the lack of "interest" by the other 2 has made the desire for a FULL reunion more ravenous and management companies and labels can see that.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there are some offers floating round for a 5 piece reunion and they really are in the best position to get control of their comeback and dictate exactly what they want.
    Worst case scenario Sally and Sophie drop out and the other 3 continue "something" as Neo-Bardot but I think there is something bubbling under the surface.

    Look Tiffani and Sophie are tagging each other on Instagram and joking around and I NEVER thought I'd see that happen.
  7. Sophie and Sally perhaps want a slice of the pie now, considering the positive news the trio made.

    I only think Sophie would come back to use the band as a platform to boost herself. Followed by running fast from the band the minute she gets whatever gig she can.
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  8. I think if they could get it together and hold it together long enough to record a song or two and do some concert dates then the others would let Sophie go with their blessing.

    The question then is do they continue on and make more music as a 4 or 3 piece and expand their legacy ala Boyzone or do they become a nostalgia act like Spice Girls?
  9. I think realistically, they will be just a nostalgic act. Shows here and there, and some ep if we are lucky.

    Lets not forget some of the girls have their own careers, clients, and live over seas.

    It would be a silly move to stop all that income, and gamble on a music career that just won’t be financially viable for them. Even some Bigger singers out there have to look in other areas for money.
  10. Yeh I can't imagine them becoming a full time active group again but I could definitely see Tiff, Katie and Belinda releasing a track together here and there and getting some of that "nostalgia coin" that's out there
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  11. Ladies and Gentlemen
    "These (Quarantine) Days" 2020
    They sound bloody great as 3 piece.
    Spoke to both Tiff and Katie and there's another song coming Friday but it's NOT a Bardot track

    Tiff also did a Q&A via Instagram and said she and the other 2 have been listening to new material to possibly record but nothing is set in concrete YET
  12. I’m now set and just wanting TBK to reform. I see a drama free line up, and full of talent and great vocals.
  13. It's impressive how they can harmonise like that given a. that they haven't sung together for 18 years or so and b. doing it remotely.
    I thought it was really sweet that Katie personally acknowledged every comment made on it in her Instagram feed.
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  14. @livefrommelbs @iheartpoptarts @saviodxl @Untouchable Ace @Island (though he is here all the time like me anyway ddddd)
  15. Loved this version, they have all aged incredibly well, Belinda looks exactly the same. Still hoping for a bit of Sally and Sophie to join in though.
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  16. I like that they aren't waiting around in hope though.
    They are undeniably strong minded, talented women who have the desire to make music together and aren't doing so for a pay day or celebrity and that makes me wish them all the luck in the world and commercial success and recognition for their talents
  17. I find it pretty incredible that Belinda still has a pretty damn good singing voice for someone who says she hasn't really been singing since the band broke up (at least professionally).

    I'm a bit disappointed they didn't do the spoken middle 8 part with the iconic lyric "love we made was incomplete, like the shoes on your feet".

    Still trying to figure out what the "2 3 4 letter word" refers to and what an "illegal in the backseat" means all these years by the way. Maybe I should submit in one of their Q&As...
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  18. I’m finding sally is posting more and more Bardot stuff lately. I feel she’s getting the Bardot fever = she could come back.
  19. From what I've heard the future plans are sitting firmly with the three.
    Sally may have done the initial push for a reunion but things have changed and taken out of her hands and I kind of agree with the current situation.
    Why should the "power" and careers of the rest of the band be subject to someone who was pivotal in the original premature break up.
    I'd love her to be a part of it but I'm not sure she'd be in the camp that wants to do new music etc.

    The whole situation is very Spice Girls.
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  20. This podcast with Katie is worth a listen:
    The podcast is called 'Lost Spaces' (in case the link doesn't work). I got to know Katie better from it - she reveals details of a sexual encounter and some other slightly kinky stuff - nothing I found shocking but it's not something to listen to in front of your grandmother.

    She starts talking about Bardot at about 20 mins in I think - I get the impression that the management they had during the first album loved her - but the new management during the second album clearly had a vision that she wouldn't have fitted into.

    Also - following Sally's Instagram - it seems she had quite a senior role in the music industry - Director of Live Events? Sounds like she managed the Australian X Factor live tours?
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