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Bardot (Australian Popstars) General Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Bardot 3.0
    "Working Class Man"

    They really are delivering on these acoustic tracks so hopefully it'll become a regular occurrence.
    Both Belinda and Katie liked statuses about recording a new album today and Tiffani's Instagram has posts about her diet and exercise for "some kind of Bardot reunion" post Corona so things are being planned but who knows what.
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  2. I noticed that it was tagged 'The Bardettes'.
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  3. I've just discovered that the Right Back At Ya podcast have interviewed Katie and Belinda....
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  4. Sally also gave people access to her private soundcloud account to listen to her unreleased demos for an hour tonight.
    They were actually pretty fantastic, rock tinged and really showcased her vocals it's a pity she never released anything officially.
    Tiff also put up a pretty touching post about Bardot, the girls and the brief but amazing time together.
    Plenty of love flying around the Bardot-sphere tonight.
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  5. What a great interview, and so nice to hear Katie and Belinda.

    I have revisited their albums, and have to say I’m not a fan of the second album. First album is catchy, but their second album for me( apart from I need somebody) has dated badly.
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  6. Yes - that was Belinda's criticism of ASAP (i.e. that it would date quickly).
    Play It Like That (as a statement of intent), Love Will Find A Way and It's Alright still sound good to me - and I Need Somebody, obviously.

    I think what was most interesting about the interview was their surprise, particularly from Belinda, that people still remember what they did. I felt a little bit sad for them when Belinda talked about how the record company just wanted Bardot to go away, and that now she realises that all that hard work wasn't for nothing. It's sad that the Bardot project was treated like that - the management/record company were making the band/brand into something sustainable, and then suddenly just wiped the slate clean...

    Then again, I guess that's what happened with H and Clare and Ronan Keating.
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    Sophie Monk has just been revealed as the Dragonfly on the Masked Singer Australia. If you follow Tiffani and Sally, they have been saying it’s her from day one, with some truly hilarious (and slightly catty) comments on their Instastories!

    Here are Sophie’s performances and reveal below:

    Here’s the final reveal:

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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Her True Colors performance was lovely.
  9. If you know Sophie's voice it was pretty obvious from "True Colors" that it was her.
    So much so that the other 2 songs were very much impressions to hide her rather distinct tone.
    Tiffany definitely picked it first and it's a pity that the exposure from the show won't lead to anything Bardot related but it seems things have really ground to a halt on that front the longer Covid has been running its course.
    I never thought we would get as much as we did but the fan in me is greedy and really wants more.
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  10. Utterly agree! I’m from the UK and when I watched Sophie’s True Colours performance, I knew straight away and literally screamed in excitement! It was so lovely to hear her sing and perform again.

    I felt the other two songs were just a way to disguise her already distinct voice which is a shame as it would have been nice to hear her properly belt out some songs, had she had the chance!

    Never say never with the reunion, it’s nice to see (most of) the girls communicating again and doing so publicly. One day, one day we hope!
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  12. Out of nowhere....
    Bardot: Greatest Hits is coming to vinyl.
    *signed bundle already sold out, there were only 20
    - Poison
    - I Need Somebody
    - Down
    - Higher Than Heaven
    - I Should've Never Let You Go
    - Missin' Your Love
    - These Days
    - Dirty Water
    - Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
    - Love Will Find A Way
    - Before I Let You Go
    - ASAP

    They got it pretty right but the
    "Poison" B-side "Empty Room" deserves the spot that "Before I Let You Go" has just for the fact it featured so heavily in the creation of the group.

    No reunion, no tour, no new music but at least there's this and they got slight recognition at the ARIA awards for "Poison"s success.
  13. All ordered and now can sit back and wait for it to arrive in the UK! Money well spent indeed!

    Although some of the song selections may be a choice, I’ll take it for the fact that it is finally coming out!
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  14. Are they going to bring it onto CD as well?
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  15. Out of nowhere indeed. I agree that Empty Room should be on there.
    At least this shows some kind of acknowledgment of their legacy. I wonder if we'll get deluxe CDs if this sells?
    Has there been any comments from any of them on social media?
  16. Tiff, Belinda, Katie have all promoted it on Instagram.
    So has Sally but she was quick to add she had no involvement.
  17. What's going on with Sally?!?
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  18. Tiff, Belinda and Katie want to do some kind of reunion but Sally doesn't want to join but has joined in on the 20th anniversary celebrations after initially wanting no part
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