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Bardot (Australian Popstars) General Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. I really don’t understand Katie’s reasoning for leaving the group just to perform for a short stint of a musical when at the time, Bardot were very popular and looked to have a bigger career.

    If it’s true that management were pushing Sophie to go solo, that it contradicts what she said about wanting to leave but management convinced her to stay? I think when the group decided to break up, everyone was saying it was just Sophie, but Sally later confirmed she wanted out as well.
  2. I am very glad that there is a thread to discuss Bardot.
    I've attached some links to a blog that was written in 2005 about Bardot. It starts with the formation of 'Girlfriend' through the very end of the Popstars franchise in Australia. It's been a while since I read it, but it puts everything in context. It's very comprehensive.
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  3. Wow! Such an interesting read, thanks for highlighting, especially as a fan from the UK it’s really interesting to read the perspective of Bardot from Australia’s eyes!
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  4. My pleasure!
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  5. Fascinating read so thanks for this!

    It breaks my heart a bit that the girls didn't like each other, although I can see little spats easily arising when you are working and living (?) so intensely.

    Sophie (and Katie to some degree) have made it perfectly clear she didn't know she was signing up for full time band, and that it was for a one-off TV documentary special. She probably didn't realise it would last so long and be so much work.

    I also got the sense that Tiffani and Belinda were really dedicated in making this succeed.
  6. Tiffani and Belinda were the two who most wanted the band to continue, they were desperate for Bardot to live in some shape and form and were quite vocal about not wanting it to end.

    At one point they even asked if they could continue as a duo but the management behind them did not wish for this to be the car and refused to support such an idea. The girls had even tried to persuade Sally and Sophie to continue for one more album but neither wished to and wanted out. These two girls were the most gutted Bardot were ending as they were so invested in the group continuing.
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  7. I'm not really a fan of the group, but I recall hearing a(n Australian) radio interview they did when 'Poison' was out/still fairly new.

    One of the questions they were asked was along the lines of, 'How long do you see the group lasting?'

    To my surprise, one of them answered (probably not a direct quote, but the figure I recall distinctly) "maybe 3 years" (with the implication being that they'd go on to do other, bigger, better? things after that). So I think they had a short shelf-life from the outset, and none of the girls viewed it as being a long-term thing. Granted, this was during the time when solo Spice Girls were a viable thing, so I guess they perhaps envisaged something similar for themselves.

    It seemed a fairly bold response, to me, given that e.g. the done thing with girl/boy groups is usually to pretend they're best friends and they'll never split up (hellooooo Spice Girls). They weren't even really 'established' yet when they were spouting this on the radio interview. Otherwise, why would you bother following them/being a fan if you knew they were going to split in a couple of years, anyway?

    Of course, they didn't even last 3 years (well, unless you count each individual year they were together separately).

    One thing that really surprised me at the time - of course, this was when TV singing contests were a shiny new thing, so this wasn't really expected - was how quickly they bombed with their second single, peaking at only #14. Though it was, I think, a weak song, and 'These Days' was better, though much of the buzz around them had faded by that point.
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  8. Completely agree! ‘I Should Have Never Let You Go’ (strangely written by Hinda Hicks) was the wrong choice for their follow up second single, especially when they needed to capitalise and build on the success of their debut single.

    Some believe that the bubble had already began to pop and people were disenchanted with the group by this point, others believe that with the success of their debut album selling so well, there was no incentive to purchase a single they already had. Furthermore, the fact the single had a poor animated video, when the general public needed to see more of the girls to get to know them, and the fact they had left overseas to market themselves in nearby territories hindered the chart position greatly.

    I Should Have Never Let You Go was not single material and should never have been considered for release, especially when they had (third single) ‘These Days’ up their sleeves.

    If they had wanted to go for a more upbeat sound, then they should have considered the upbeat (vocally) gospally sounding ‘Higher than Heaven’ or beefed up the ‘dancier’ disco elements of ‘Down’ and released a single edit, with a couple of b-sides to entice fans. If they hadn’t gone abroad but instead promoted the second release, it would have generated more sales and increased their fan base/longevity.

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  9. I tried really hard to get their music back online but the rightsholders (the tv production company behind Popstars) wasn’t interested
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  10. Katie is such an icon. What other pop star has taken a piss on their pet robot dog on their debut album cover?
  11. I know Beautiful is Katie’s biggest solo hit, but Be Together is a BOP.

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  12. So nobody gonna answer my question on Chantelle... ok lol

    Maybe I'm being biased but I liked ISNLYG as a single then again melodically it reminds me of Brandy's "Sittin In My Room" which is why I like the video was crap tho. I think had the beefed it up abit and didn't go.with cartoon thing in the video it could've done better
  13. If i remember correctly, she starred in a film where she played a bisexual/lesbian vampire. I think this was before all the vampire hype as well.

    Also, she comes across as even more iconic in this interview I stumbled across.
  14. Nope, you were right. She was caught stealing and had prior involvement in this (link).

    The story seems to be that Sophie left her weekly allowance money in Chantelle's room (or Chantelle was asked to give it to Sophie), Chantelle kept it, and they later found out. She may have also stolen other things from the girls.

    I never liked Chantelle that much (she seemed spoilt) and she didn't seem to fit in the band. The other girls didn't seem to like her either, even before the stealing incident, as she didn't make the effort to gel and socialise with them (link).

    I also like "I Should Have Never Let You Go" and think the cartoon video was cool, and somewhat ahead of its time.
  15. I remember them being on SMTV as well. I have the performance of Poison from that (or CD:UK) recorded on VHS somewhere. I think that their appearance coincided with the final episode being shown or something. It's such a shame that their music isn't on streaming!
  16. Maybe if enough of us try emailing (maybe in one big group), we might have some success?
  17. I'm down to try that @aquaplex. Do you know why they would be so against putting it up? Is it the cost/manpower of having someone work on it or paying a company for distribution? It just doesn't seem that difficult to me and 'Poison' was a huge hit in Australia so I'm not sure why they wouldn't want the royalties from it?
  18. But who would we all contact and how would we all go about this? I’d love to have their music on streaming so I’m all for working collectively.
  19. I’ve been in contact with the company that owns the rights.

    I think basically as they are a TV production company, it’s not really their core area so they can’t be bothered.
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  20. The second album is quite great, ASAP and Love Will Find a Way being the crown jewels.
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