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Bardot (Australian Popstars) General Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Katie was such a good solo artist . Majorly under rated .
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  2. Her music output was great: Beautiful, Magic and Be Together are all fantastic sounding songs and totally the vibe the group should have been going for! More adult sounding disco dance.

    I also believe Sophie Monk does have what it takes to also be a perfect pop star but she needed the right material behind her. Bubblegum pop is fine if it has a bit of flavour and bite to it, too sugary and it becomes a little kiddy-life. That’s not to say all her music is bad as she does have a couple of gems in her collection too.
  3. I personally didn’t like Sophie as a pop star.
  4. Does anyone remember the video editing website and competition that the band had for "ASAP" and "I Need Somebody"?

    They had clips from the official music videos that you could place in whatever order you wanted to over the song. Somewhat primitive for today's standards, but quite innovative for the early 00s.

    I remember @crash9081 and I playing around with it and making our friend think his school e-mail account had been hacked (and someone had put him on a Bardot fan mailing list). It was one of those sharing interfaces where you could specify both the "to" and "from" e-mail addresses.
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  5. Here you go!!

  6. Yay, this made me Higher than Heaven...

    I wonder what was in the hand delivered letter. And did the sender sign it with trouble as their middle name...
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  7. Yaaaaassss! Bopping to I Need Somebody right now.
    Hand delivered letter! That's dedication
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  8. This is incredible! Absolutely incredible!

    Thank you so much! These albums are simply some of the best! Even though I own both of these, it’s great to finally have these on online music platforms!

    Well done!
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  9. Well the 20th anniversary of their formation is next year, their music randomly pops up on streaming and Belinda Chapple says on Instagram that the girls are getting together for a BBQ soon.
    Could something be afoot?
    Take a cue from STEPS.
    Give us another docu-series on the whole behind the scenes shenanigans, see who's up for a reunion, record some new tracks and tour.
  10. Just saw that Sally posted that there are no plans in the pipeline for anything Bardot related.

    Also noted that Sally/Belinda/Tiffani/Katie all follow each other on Instagram but no one follows Sophie?
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  11. Well I guess NEXT YEAR is their anniversary so they may wait till then.
    Worst case scenario we get them as a 4 piece without Sophie.
    She may have burnt her bridges there.
  12. I work at a radio station and met Sophie when she came to promote Love Island. Besides absolutely fangirling over her and ending up on her Instagram story, I made a joke about a Bardot reunion and she says "it's not worth the money".

    I'd love to see it, as Bardot finally being on Spotify sparked a lot of attention to the band on social media - but I'd be quite surprised if they came back, even if it was for a cute Mardi Gras performance.
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  15. So I invited my friends over last night for a gathering of food and drink and made them watch this from start to finish haha they know I’m obsessed with this group so they did so with much love! Straight afterwards they actually were impressed and started downloading their music too!

    This series brought back so many memories and I’m glad that it’s available to go back and watch! Also, their final concert at the end of the series was such a triumph! For a group who’s time together was limited, they came across so polished and vocally wise, strong!

    Justice for a 20th anniversary reunion!
  16. They really are a fabulous anomaly in the Oz music scene.
    Our first successful foray into the talent/reality genre that created a viable act.
    It's just a pity that those behind the scenes seemed hell bent on tearing the group apart when, I believe, if given another era they would've been ready and able to make an impact on the UK properly.
    I do wonder if Sally regrets pulling the pin too early, we know Sophie regrets nothing. I know we'd get the standard "if Bardot never ended I wouldn't have my family" line but I do wonder if Tiff, Belinda and Sally did continue how things would've turned out....
    - continue on as a trio ?
    - get Katie to return to the fold?
    - another series of Popstars to find a new member/s ?

    I really am hoping they'll do SOMETHING next year to commemorate their anniversary.
    All 5 would be fantastic but a 4 piece with either Sophie or Katie would be acceptable.
    Best case scenario is a new reunion show, single, album and tour.
    C'mon Channel 7 go for those nostalgia ratings!!!
  17. This band will never get back together . It’s the past, and not many Australians would remember or want them back sadly .
  18. I think it's refreshing to see the whole singing- talent competition genre starting off as an (authentic) documentary of how a manufactured band is constructed, and not the overly dramatic sob story filled shows we get today. It also makes Bardot seem more likeable and less fame hungry in my opinion in hindsight.

    Did anyone watch the bonus episode where they (the band and the judges) rewatch their first auditions and impressions?I like how they picked up on their facial impressions (a lot of resting bitch faces), and how pervy the male judges were with their stares.

    The bonus episode where they watch the home videos they created was also amusing.
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  19. Given the fact that something as simple as their back catalogue being released actually made many news sites in Oz and had media outlets trying to contact the ladies I don't think you should underestimate the power of millennial nostalgia.
    As Sugababes fans we should know to never say never...
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  20. I guess I’m just more realistic . Sugababes have way more credibility than a Aussie band. Sugababes had international success, and had more than two albums . Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Bardot fan and would love them to make a comeback, but it’s not going to happen . Maybe a small interview , and or one off performance , but they don’t have the numbers do you really see them selling records and a Tour? . Plus at their age now , with radio stations being so bias , it won’t happen. It’s not a dig, but a sad fact.

    Most amazing acts that deserve to be big , are just not making the cut. Streaming has also been a factor in stuffing things up.
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