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Bardot (Australian Popstars) General Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    Speaking as an Aussie I was very surprised how big a reaction their was to their back catalogue being added to streaming.
    We never know what's going on behind the scenes so I guess we have to wait and see.
  2. Strong reaction ? Sorry but I never saw that here in Sydney. Either way if they do comeback, I say good luck to them. Hopefully it’s all four girls, but no Sophie Monk. I hated it when Katie was pushed out.
  3. It’s like saying Scandalous will come back . Remember them ?
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  4. I loved Scandal'Us
    I'll leave it at that, lol
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  5. Yeah I was obsessed with their first single, and by the second song I lost interest . Listening to their song today I’m so embarrassed that it was a song I liked , and played on repeat . #shame
  6. The bane of my existence will forever be I was a year too young to audition for the group, lol
  7. If the girls get back together, in whatever form as a 4 or 5-piece, there will definitely be media interest. The girls were not only the first real big reality show group winners but also Australia’s biggest girl group to date.

    I agree that interest would be piqued by the media, especially if the girls are clever and come back with some form of show (one off or a series) ala Steps. Nostalgia is a powerful tool, and used correctly they could be successful in their return.

    Part of me hopes it’s all the girls as it would generate the most hype indeed!
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  8. I watched the 'Home Movies' final episode today. They are genuine comediennes.
    They were the band who ushered in a new aspect to pop music, and I think they don't the credit for that - they were the ones who made a success of it, if that makes sense. Yes, they were marketed, but that was only because they were talented enough to be marketable.
    The first time I heard of them was on Radio 1's Newsbeat about the TV show. I then checked the Australian charts and there they were at Nr.1!
    I lived in the UK at the time so I am one step removed from how it was in Australia - but I guess Sophie was the favourite with the little girls and FHM magazine. I'm kind of surprised no-one picked up on Sally, to be honest.
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  9. A Bardot Reunion series like the Steps 2012 one would be interesting viewing.
  10. I think Channel 7 are sitting on a good mine they don't know they have with that one.
    Reality tv and nostalgia in the one packet?
    It seems like a no brainer to at least pitch it and it's something that no other network has.
    Follow the same formula and take us through them detailing their lives in the band, after, unpacking unresolved drama, rehearsing together etc and I think Australia would fall back in love with these ladies.
  11. I can't believe I missed this.
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  12. This would be incredible and if done right could really share their side of the story, both with each other and the way both the TV channel and record company/management did them dirty!

    If we were lucky enough to get a reunion release, it would also be could for them to work with DNA as they have produced some absolute angers for Australian acts and no doubt give them a credible hit for the future!

    Either that, or get them back together to represent Australia for Eurovision! Double maximum exposure!
  13. I wonder what the girls’ perspective of Sophie is like nowadays. Would be juicy TV.
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  14. I never knew there even was beef between the ladies... Is Sophie like the Ramona of PopStars or something @johnny_tsunami?
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  15. I agree that I would love for them to do a Steps-esque "reunion" where they sit around, have dinner and talk candidly about the experience and the behind the scenes drama. They all seem honest and able to laugh at themselves in the original series which they can hopefully recapture.

    I'm not too fussed about new music. Nearly all the girls don't do anything performance related (Katie is a meditation teacher, Belinda interior designs and Sally works at Fremantle?) so I doubt there's the immediate fire. But I'd love to be proven wrong!
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  16. This song and the info underneath gives you an idea of what went on...directly from Belinda...
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  17. Tiffani gives vocal coaching classes. Here's her twitter profile. Give her some likes!
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  18. Wow I love there's all of this unreleased stuff floating around.
    Sophie has A LOT to answer for but I don't think she'd allow herself to be painted the bad guy given she likes to portray the "im just a simple Aussie girl who got lucky, aren't i relatable" character to the media.
    I think Belinda, Tiffanii and Katie are all VERY honest so it would make for great tv
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  19. I would love that too - but I imagine you would have to pay Sophie a lot of money to do it.
    Alternatively, I guess they could 'empty chair' her in the way Take That did with Robbie in 2006. I think it would be difficult to work through - Sophie allegedly doing the dirty on them v the other four girls potentially being seen as bitter about Sophie's success.
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