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Bardot (Australian Popstars) General Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Exactly. You're closer to it than I am, but it seems that there's a lot you can throw at Sophie. However, would Sophie be an expert in managing that? Sounds like she would be.
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  2. I don't know that she'd actually take part in any kind of reunion unless there was some kind of major benefit for her.
    David Caplice is the main villain but he was the one to convince Sophie she could be a solo star at the expense of the other 3's careers.
    Sally wanted out and Tiffani and Belinda wanted to continue but had no control.
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  3. As an outsider (not really a fan), I doubt there would be a big enough market for any of the major TV networks to bother with a Bardot reunion. Girlfriend were part of a 'Where Are They Now?' segment in 2007 for about 10 minutes; that's what I could see happening for Bardot, if anything (i.e. a small part of a larger show).

    Plus, TV interviews - particularly for the commercial stations - are very rarely 'warts and all', and tend to be quite superficial. A podcast might be the best outlet for any truths to be revealed. That could be quite interesting, if someone did a podcast series interviewing former popstars/groups that had split up from years ago, to uncover the dirt about what really went on behind the scenes.
  4. Here are a couple of unreleased songs from the second album’s studio sessions. The second single, Hit N Run, was finally released as a b-side but had to be heavily edited as it originally featured Katie’s vocals so much!

  5. I like to think Hit 'n' Run is an ode to Brandy...
  6. The more I listen to their debut, the more I feel that the singles run should have been slightly different.

    Starting with ‘Poison’, before following it up with ‘These Days’. Then they should have released ‘Higher than Heaven’ and ‘Down’ and not wasted their time with ‘I Should Have Never Let You Go’. To me the song and video were poor and stalled all promotion whereas the other two songs from the album are much stronger and could have leant themselves both visually as a video but also showcase their voices and personality!

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  7. "I should have never let you go" probably isn't the best second single (a bit too middle of the road), but I like it. Also, without it as a single, we would have never got the literal "breaking the fourth wall" video, and my hypothesis that Tiffani and Katie had lesbian feelings for each other based on this:

    "These Days" is an excellent song, and a strong second single though. The minor to major key change between the verse and chorus is some simple and effective.
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  8. I Should Have Never Let You Go really was middle of the road and didn’t have any way of attracting new fans or showcasing them as a serious pop group.

    The fact the video was basically a cartoon also showed how widely off the mark it was. As a second single, they needed something to really cement their position and build on their hype not stall at the first hurdle.
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  9. Just re-watched their first live concert and "Got Me Where You Want Me" was really a missed opportunity as a single.
    They had the Movie World connection through Sophie and there was a Wild West themed show running at the time so imagine a film clip set in a saloon with the girls facing off against some sexy cowboys, a dance scene in the dust with stunts going on around them.
    So much fun!!!
    Ideally they should've ignored the original second single and released...

    1. Poison
    2. Got Me Where You Want Me
    3. These Days
    4. Missin Your Love/Love Me No More

    Its a pity the machine that created them was so intent on destroying them as they could've definitely gone on to record another 1 or 2 albums had they not decided Sophie needed a solo career.
    I'm hoping against hope that all the nostalgia good will around them will draw them back together and they can record some new music aka All Saints and Steps but be in control and actually enjoy the process and their careers.
  10. None of the members of Steps have become bigger than the band, so a reunion is benefical for all of them in terms of raising their individual profiles.
    I couldn't see Hear'Say reuniting as Kym and Myleene in particular are as famous/more famous than the band itself - so perhaps there's a similarity with Bardot here.
  11. It's crazy to think that Tiffani wasn't originally part of the band.

    I don't think Bardot would have got to a second album with Chantelle, let alone the planned 5 albums.
  12. Agreed, especially watching the series back and you realise how instrumental Tiffani was to their sound and image! She really did just click and fit into the band naturally, as if she was destined to be their in the first place!
  13. I always got the impression that Tiffani was extremely grateful that she was given this second opportunity, wanted to make it work, and was dedicated to the band to the very end.

    I also admire her work ethic; in the live concert episode, she disagrees with the other girls who are complaining that they haven't been given enough time to focus on that evenings performance, and says she expects most popstars suffer similarly. I think both sides had valid points; they were probably being kept busy as one would expect, but some things were thrown together last minute by management so they got frustrated with that.

    She was also (jokingly) honest that Scandal'us were crap, and that she was happy Katie's Hair funding collapsed.

    Do we know how long Chantelle was in the band for? Sounds like quite a lot of the album recording was done with her.
  14. It depends how much you believe the editing of the television series. Watching it makes you feel that a lot had been recorded and that Tiffani has to record it, especially as produces are flown in at various points. However, they do also state that the 12/13 tracks had also been preselected and chosen for the girls to record. So, it’s not 100% clear.

    It’s a shame that they never followed up the series with a sequel when the second album was being recorded following them as they flew to the UK, watching them tour internationally and deal with the aftermath of Katie leaving. That could have been interesting to watch!
  15. Totally agree if they followed the "Making the Band" formula it could've actually really benefited the girls and made them bigger.
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  16. I did the deep dive and rewatched both Aussie series of Popstars and DAMN....
    Both groups management teams really knew how to kill a good thing.
    I feel the most sorry for Scandal'Us because they were so polished, passionate had a #1 debut single and a #2 album to then disappear for too long, slop out a poorly chosen 2nd #30 single and then disband in a 12 month period ?!?!
    I wonder how different things might have been if there was a major label behind them from the get go but alas we'll never know.
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  17. Any thoughts on the other band names that were tossed around before they settled on Bardot?

    Supernova, Frock and Kismet were tossed around, all pretty bad in my opinion.

    I can't see them as anything but Bardot, which worked well with their image and brand; it made them seem cool, sophisticated and sexy. I don't think they would have had as much success without "Bardot".

    I do wonder if they were aware of Bridgette Bardot's racist comments though. I used to joke with @crash9081 that I should phone in SM:TV live to put them on the spot and ask them if they endorsed these racist comments. We also joked that we should interrogate Steps into explaining what chain reaction meant in a Physics.
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  18. I wish they released Before I Let You Go as a single, nice r&b mid-tempo song
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  19. So much wasted potential, it just makes me sad to think what could have been.
  20. Ummm WHAT?!?!

    So apparently theres a press announcement coming and some shows as a 3 piece consisting of Tiffani, Belinda and Katie to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Poison"
    Big surprise the 2 that ended everything "have no interest" in doing anything Bardot related.

    I'm excited and if a show happens my gay ass is gonna try and be front row.
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