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Bardot (Australian Popstars) General Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Wow! NEVER thought we’d see this day honestly. Glad there’s some kind of anniversary celebration coming, it’s better than nothing.
  2. Ah it’s a shame timing doesn’t work for Sally with her kids- just 3 of them seems a bit of a non-event.

    I wonder if they will record anything new or just gigs.

    I have been stanning them hard since I watched popstars on YouTube for the first time a few months ago!
  3. Well that's exciting! No surprise to Belinda and Tiffani being the driving forces behind this. Also not a surprise that Sophie is distancing herself from it; she's been smoking too much and doesn't seem to have taken good care of her voice.

    Shame Sally won't be partaking although completely understandable. Who will do the speaking part in Poison though??!!

    Here's hoping it doesn't turn out to be a S Club 3 situation.
  4. Wow I don't know what to say.

    Personally I don't think it will take off, but it's so good to see Katie coming back. What a shame that Sally could not be part of it as it would be nice to see them as a four. Seeing them as a four would have been perfect.

    Personally I don't care for Sophie Monk. The less we see of her the better.
  5. I'm kind of surprised Sophie isn't participating since it's exposure ddd.
  6. So I went straight to the source and Tiffani says the article is complete trash
    Apparently the 4 of them, minus Sophie because she'd already expressed no interest, were all in agreement at one point for some shows but the logistics of families and businesses and no management or label to back them made it impossible.
    Hopefully some one with a whole wad of cash will come along and clear up any problems but dont hold out hope it seems.
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  8. Well that's a bummer! I am for them coming back, but please no Sophie Monk.

    Hopefully something can come out of it, and or even judges as finding the next 'girl group'.
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  9. As I said in my message to Tiffani hopefully this will generate some interest and someone with some money will back a tour.
    Most importantly they'd need management they could trust.
    Tiffani says she hopes that they can do SOMETHING TO celebrate the anniversary though so our best hope might be something like " The Morning Show" or "Sunrise" doing a segments on the group.
  10. Having to read the lyrics to one of your 7 hits (assuming Sophie only had one solo hit; I don't remember any others), and the biggest one at that, 20 years later. ddd. It's not a good look.
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  11. Honestly she can go jump.
    She wants nothing to do with the group but does stuff like this and trades off it for free promo?
    Later for you Sophie.
    I want the others to get back together and have some success just to spite her fame hungry ass.
  12. Sophie and their manager at the time sabotaged the group, and especially poor Katie. The plan was to get rid of Katie , cause she had the voice and edgy look. And then plant Sophie center stage. Sophie stage is an opportunist, and never had the group at best interest.

    I also agree that I would love the four to come back and have success. But I don’t see Sally coming back. She sided mostly with Sophie, hence the great divide, and found the whole Bardot journey a nightmare.
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  13. Ive always felt the worst for Tiffani and Belinda because they actually wanted to make it work and you can tell they were heartbroken at the Channel V Farewell concert.
    Sophie is a snake in the grass and Sally just seems ungrateful if I'm honest.
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  14. Belinda was in GF4 (formerly Girlfriend), just before they split, and appears in the video for this #101 smash... though it doesn't really look like her to me.

  15. Yeh I don't see her in the video either.
    Maybe she actually joined after the video was shot?
    Or someone got a bit is cosmetic surgery?
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  16. Perhaps Tiffany, Belinda, and Katie is the way to go. If only it was like this from the start.

    If they never got that manager, perhaps they would have had a longer run. As well as Katie staying in the group. As she didn’t really wanna leave, but was manipulated out.

    Perhaps partaking in the 90’s nostalgia concerts would be a great start. Small gigs with other acts.
  17. But the '4th girl' in the video is definitely not the (second) one who left; for which Siobhan mimes her spoken lines. I don't know who she is.
  18. I thought Sally presented a business plan to reunite ten years ago, but that Sophie had no interest (and the success of the business plan hinged on all five being back together)? I'm sure I heard about it on an Australian podcast from JOY FM?
  19. Yeah, you were right, as suggested in this article.

    Sally seems to be at least on speaking terms with the other girls, whereas Sophie seems to think it is now beneath her.

    Sally did say she wanted out around the break up along with Sophie, but I always thought it was more that she was tired and being a popstar (and famous) was not all that it seemed. It's telling that she's the most private and didn't release any music.
  20. So in a random update there is now a bardotofficial_ Instagram account that is followed by both Tiff and Belinda.
    Could something actually be afoot ?
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