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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Based on one other person's interest in Bardot (Thanks @Chris Lala!), this is a general thread to discuss the Australian girl band, Bardot. They were a product of the Australian "Popstars" series, and sparked the creation of the entire "Popstars" franchise (although not the first band from what I understand; New Zealand's "True Bliss" have that honour).


    So let's discuss this influential band! Without them, we wouldn't have got Hear'say, Girls Aloud, One True Voice, Clea, Phixx and the Cheeky Girls. We probably also wouldn't have got the Pop Idol, X factor and Got Talent franchises, and all the associated artists from them.

    - Have you ever wondered why original member Chantelle Barry ("What do you think we're looking for in a popstar?" "....Me.") left suddenly? She "withheld" Sophie Monk's weekly allowance envelope, which people understandably thought was stealing.
    - Is Trouble your middle name?
    - Do you walk on eggs shells frequently?
    - Is the love you make incomplete, like the shoes on your feet?

    I can start as I've been listening to These Days and deciphering the lyrics.

    - What does "the good guys win I'm illegal in the back seat" mean? I always thought it was "niggle in back seat". Are they making a comment on illegal immigrants?

    - What is the "2 3 4 letter word" that they speak of? Is it a cryptic insult?
  2. Play It Like That is still such an incredible album. Honestly, I Need Somebody may be one of the most underrated/forgotten about girlband disco bangers:

  3. Did they not cover Higher Than Heaven by Kelle Bryan
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  4. Katie’s verse / pre-chorus in “Poison” is awful. It sounds off key and absolutely grating!
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  5. I am absolutely shocked and surprised (in a good way) to see so much love for one of reality TV’s greatest girl bands! For me, Bardot hold one of the most special places in my heart, as they were the first big group that I properly stanned without other people recognising or realising who they actually were! Being from the UK, my first introduction was when they broadcast Popstars Australia during the summer months on the (then) brand new ITV2 on Saturdays. I literally was glued to the screen and was so completely fixated and enamoured by these girls and the behind the scenes look at their creation. My friends did not have a clue who they were and I felt even more special as I felt, especially at a time when internet and social media was just growing, that they were all mine to love!

    At the time I bought and imported anything I could that these girls released. I remember getting hold of their single they released through McDonald’s UK and queuing up outside CD:UK to get them to sign their debut album that I had imported only to be shocked when four of them emerged (this being the time when I discovered Katie had left).

    Even today, I still regularly spin their albums. Mostly their second LP, Play It Like That mixed with various songs from their debut and b-sides, but they still get played in my house at least fortnightly.

    I feel that if I have time later I’d love to give a breakdown, synopsis and review of their albums and some of their b-sides as they bring back so many memories! A wonderful girlband and one I really wish made a comeback of sorts (but that is highly unlikely to happen)! Let’s celebrate and share our love for Australia’s greatest girlband and here’s my first offering of a song of theirs from their first LP, Poison!

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  6. I think they were trying to really push the androgenous /Annie Lennox image for her.
    Also, it sounds like they put an effect on her vocals, like it's playing from a speaker or phone box.

    It doesn't grate on me, but is definitely distinct. That's one of many noteworthy things about this band, they generally had distinct voices which blended well together. I can easily pick out Sophie and Katie's lines relatively easily.
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  7. I always found it odd how Sophie literally just got one ad-lib on the second verse of Poison compared to everyone else getting verses and Belinda, nothing.

    Also, Sophie’s ‘Calendar Girl’ was one of my favourite albums of 2003. I wish she’d pursued music a bit more instead of the awful string of movie roles she took.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Seeing some of live performances made me realize how Sophie harmonized a lot instead of getting solos. She has a nice voice so I’m surprised she wasn’t used more. She deserved a better solo career.
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  9. During their short time, Bardot covered several songs including Kelle Bryan’s ‘Higher Than Heaven’. Listening to the original (which is now back up on ITunes) and Bardot’s version, it’s quite impressive how different they are, with the girls harmonies suiting the gospel sound of the song. This is one of the song’s Sophie really shines and stands out on their debut.

    They also released a cover of ‘Do It For Love’ which was a b-side and (London based group) Made In London’s ‘Dirty Water’ for their second album.

    Originally, Katie was pushed quite heavily as the front woman of the group due to her unusual image. Although she didn’t have the strongest voice, producers would often layer her vocals with different effects, trying to go for a more futuristic sound. Speaking to Tiffani Wood after they had broken up, she explained that Katie wasn’t always a fan of the vocal effects on her voice, especially when performing live as she felt it never showcased her true voice! Personally I felt it blended really well, especially when harmonising with Sophie or Belinda.

    I absolutely adored Sophie’s debut, and just like their second LP, this still gets regularly spun in my house (minus the classical operatic songs). Come With Me, Get The Music On, Step Back to Love and Better Not Fall in Love are all instant classic pop songs and smash it hard when playing aloud. It’s just a shame all the scandal that surrounded the released of this album and how it came about during the demise of Bardot!

    Interestingly, when working on her second album (which was scrapped after she was dropped), Sophie had written and recorded st least three songs with the Rogue Traders. Who knows what they sounded like, but it could have been an interesting sound considering the massive songs they have produced.

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  10. It’s a shame they didn’t work out long term wise . The group was amazing with Kate , but lost its touch when she left. Too much jealously, and Sophie’s ego rather spoiled things for the band long term. My cousin’s friend worked with them behind the scenes, and I remember she got me their autographs .

    Poison such a great song.

    The follow up band ‘scandalous” was terrible but
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  11. I heard they covered it, I should look it up and give it a spin
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  12. Have a try and see if you can find it, I prefer Bardot’s version over Made in London, purely for the fact it packs more of a punch whereas the original felt a little too long for me. Hopefully it should be out somewhere, but the original holders of the songs refuse to upload them to any online music platform as they believe it’s not worth it (in terms of cost) which is a huge shame!
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  13. I've always had so much love for their albums but I haven't heard either of them for probably 15 years (sort it out @Streaming!) They used to show Australian Popstars on ITV2 (I think) to coincide with their UK launch and naturally I became obsessed. They all looked like movie stars or 90s supermodels. Probably one of the best looking girlbands ever?

    And yes, Sophie's debut is another essential early 2000s listen.
  14. There seems to be a lot of scandal around the recording of their second album. With new management being brought in, dynamics changed dramatically and the stories emerged are rather shocking!
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  15. Based on your posts in this thread and Katie's interview, it certainly does seem like there was a lot more drama behind the scenes than what they let on. It must be hard when there is a division in the band as to whether to continue or not.

    Given the time lines and that the majority of the second album was recorded in London/UK, it also means Katie must have recorded vocals for most of the songs on the 2nd album. Consequently, I'll be intrigued to hear those alternative versions if they exist.

    I distinctly remember the 5 piece Bardot making an appearance on SM:TV, and that they did a versus skit against Hear'say. Also I remember Australian popstars being shown after CD:UK (alongside a weirdly high budget kids gameshow called Swap Teams).
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  16. When Tiffani Wood was going solo, she had a great forum where she would talk to fans and answer questions etc. I asked her about the extent of Katie recording music for the second album, and she noted that most tracks had been recorded with her on them, especially the singles recorded in the UK, such as ASAP, Play It Like That, I Need Somebody and When The Cats Away. Hence why the release of their second single and subsequent album release took a little longer and was delayed to November. She also mentioned that these versions probably do not exist anymore as they had been recorded and her vocals probably deleted. Asked about what they sounded like and what she had sung, Tiffani could only recall that Katie featured quite heavily on the first verse of ASAP but couldn’t remember what else.

    Tiffani also mentioned that the hardest track to get on the album was Hit and Run (written by none other than Popjustice legend, Cathy Dennis) as that was to be included on the second album, but due to Katie’s vocals being quite heavy they had to record and it missed the album deadline, hence why it was relegated to Love Will Find A Way’s b-side. A shame as it really is a great song, which Tiffani notes all of Katie’s parts she re-recorded all herself.

    Personally, I don’t believe Sophie is all to blame. I think management had started whispering in her ear and led her to believe she could do it alone. The fact she was pushed with more vocals was definitely apparent and marries with all the stories, however it’s also interesting to note that she claimed of bullying from Tiffani and Belinda, was made to feel stupid and referred to as the ‘airhead’ of the group and constantly put down. There seems to be so much tension it’s unbelievable.

    In regards to them all being together on SM:TV, I may be wrong but I’m sure when I met them there were only four, especially as they had mentioned Katie had just left the group? But I did manage to find all five of them performing on Nickelodeon’s Music show in the UK...

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  17. I was a member of the Tiffani forum too but I must have missed the stuff regarding the second album so thanks for the info! It’s also a shame Hit And Run couldn’t be completed in time as it’s a really great track, actually one of my favourites (Empty Room is amazing too).

    IIRC there was initially a tracklisting for the ASAP single that included a b-side called Something Worth Fighting For. It’s a shame the label don’t seem to have any interest in doing something with the material, even just the albums on streaming would be something.
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  18. Does anyone know the truth why original member Chantelle Barry was actually kicked out was it really because she stole money from Sophie... Tiffani was a great addition but imagine how it would have worked out had she stayed.

    I wonder if they'll ever consider reuniting they could have gotten a few more.albums in before splitting
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  19. I also recall Sophie mentioning she wanted to leave around the same time Katie left but she was persuaded to stay by management.

    And Sally had proposed a reunion years ago to the other girls and all of them were keen except for Sophie. The remaining 4 decided not to go ahead with the reunion which is unfortunate.
  20. I never knew this so this was super interesting. Thanks for sharing. Katie does mention in her interview that management did seem to be breaking the band deliberately so that Sophie could go solo; they were the ones who encouraged her to audition for the musical.

    It's also interesting because the band had left their original management (Grant Thomas management who were seen on the show and managed the first album), in a bid to "better our career and...(be) in a good position, creatively as owners of Bardot"; seems like that backfired majorly.

    I liked Sophie's sweetness and naivety at the beginning and during the band. She also seemed to have an honest, self deprecating humour which was refreshing as well. A bit sad she's turned a bit fame hungry these days, and had noticeable plastic surgery.

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