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Bardot (Australian Popstars)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. I'm sure if you really want to, you can bid on Tiffany's clear out auction! Looks like there is some really rare stuff.

    So if any rich, generous PJers wants to buy for the Popjustice museum, please go ahead!

    P.S. I enjoyed your discussion with Katie about monogamy and what not!
  2. Awww thanks for watching.
    Katie's definitely a great addition and we've got some good stuff to come.
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  3. Oh my gosh!

    Not sure how to rip or to link, but Belinda has just shared their unreleased track, ‘Something Worth Fighting For’ on her Instagram stories and it is incredible!

    It is a proper early 2000’s Max Martin-inspired Backstreet/NSync/Britney style track, with crunching, squelching beats and a really hard dirty pop sound!

    why do they tease us with this incredible sound and not release!

    *edit!* Just messaged and spoke with Belinda and she now confirmed that the song WILL be released!
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  4. It sounds very early 00s pop! Do we know if Max Martin was actually involved or just inspired?

    Now we just need Katie to release her version of ASAP (and Hit n Run)...
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  5. No, Max Martin wasn’t involved, apologies. I meant the inspired sound was very Max Martin-esque circa 2000. Similar in style but not actually produced by him.
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  6. No need to apologies! I just didn't know if they had the budget for Max Martin at the time! Plus Belinda hasn't mentioned anything about who wrote and produced it.
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  7. I’m DESPERATE to know who ‘Lost for Words’ was for (from Steps / S Club 7) based on the timing (5 years after Katie’s solo career fell apart in 2003)- it aligns to when Claire started to record solo stuff in 2008 (ie Strange Magic) but generally struggling to hit notes sounds more like a Lisa Scott-Lee issue
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  8. I think it may have been Rachel Stevens.
    The demo may could've been shopped around for years and, though Rachel is a great popstar in her own right, you can't say her vocal range is the greatest.
    Maybe even Tina Barrett tried to record it?
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  9. I wonder what's coming exactly ?
    The State Theatre show has been digitally converted from video and unreleased performances have been popping up on YouTube.
    Maybe we'll get some kind of deluxe box set album deal (2 studio albums, b-sides, concert footage etc) to commemorate the anniversary ?
  10. If that’s the case (and I really hope it is), I hope that they include Hit N Run, He’s Gotta Go and Empty Room, as well Something Worth Fighting For.

    Also, regarding the remixes, I would really hope for ASAP and I Need Somebody club (especially the Superfly mix). These need digitalising as they too good to just be sat hidden away in the vaults!
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  11. Would love deluxe editions of the albums!
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  12. The way Katie talked about it (the manager reaching out and sourcing it), has an air of Simon Fuller to it. As Simon was managing Rachel at the time, I have strong hunch it was Rachel. But I could be wrong!
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  13. Well the State Theatre show is coming in some format.
    Who ever is behind the "Popstars Australia" YouTube channel really must be a big fan, even if they are a music insider, and should definitely manage the band if there's any kind of comeback.
  14. The girls greatest hits album is now up for preorder on UK iTunes! Even though I have the albums in all formats, it’s still exciting to see this coming out!
  15. I would laugh (and be delighted) if it achieves a higher position than when they were initially trying to crack the UK in the 00s.

    A huge pop injstice for Poison only reaching #45.
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  16. Well, considering that the number of albums you have to purchase to make something chart high is relatively low, if everybody bought a copy we could make it a hit!
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  17. Ooh what's the date for that release? Is this how they are releasing that new (old) track? Would love if "Empty Room" and the other b-sides were released on digital too...
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  18. The release date states April 23rd, plenty of time to amass those preorders and soar up to the top of the charts!

    Only features the same 12 tracks as the vinyl but I’m hoping the extra tracks they mentioned comes soon in some shape or form!
  19. I am so behind, but is anything happening?
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  20. Not officially but then again who knows.....
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